January 7, 2017 – MISSION WIDE MEETING


Conducting:  Sisters Eging and Burke

Opening Hymn:  #5 High on the Mountain Top

Opening Prayer:  Sister Rodriguez

Purpose:  Sister Leavitt


President Risenmay spoke to us.



We all read D&C 61:2&3.  The children of God are dwindling in unbelief.  We must move swiftly on the Square and in the Teaching Centers.  D&C 11:2-6  was read.  Every missionary has a mandate to teach.  We have been “suffered” or called here by the Lord.  Effectual doors will be opened and many children of God are needful of the message.


Last Sunday, in a meeting with the Zone Leaders, a new baptismal goal was discussed.  Last year our goal was 1016 baptisms in 2016.  Temple Square experienced unprecedented success and met our goal by September 30th.  Headquarter referrals are an effectual door being opened.  Isaiah prophesied that the word of the Lord would go out of Zion.  We knelt in prayer followed by a discussion and set our goal as 1700 baptisms in 2017.


In order to reach this goal, we must raise our bar of righteousness.  Companionship prayer in the morning and evening is a way to help raise that righteousness.  President Risenmay quoting Elder Bruce R. McConkie “Throughout the revelations the Lord takes frequent occasion to mention great blessings that will attend missionary work- almost always the blessings are promised to the missionary, not the convert.  It is assumed that the convert will gain blessings, because the reception of the gospel always brings such.  But the one especially and particularly blessed will always be the one sent to carry the message.”  We will receive greater happiness, doctrines will be unfolded, and increased testimony.  Each missionary should ask herself, “What can I do better?”


President Risenmay showed a video clip from the Lord of the Rings where the beacons were lit sounding a call to unite.  Our beacon has been lit – we will answer the call!


All nations flow unto Temple Square either by physically coming to the Square or calling in through Headquarters Referral and we need to raise our righteousness to a higher level in order to meet our goal.


Sister Risenmay commented about Light the World and that we are doing that here on the Square.  During the meeting last Sunday with the Zone Leaders, she witnessed something great.  Heavenly Father wants that for all of us.  He wants working towards our baptismal goal to be something we will remember all our lives and tell our grandchildren about.  We knew about this before the foundations of the world.


President Bateman told about 2 Kings 6 and the Prophet Elisha having problems with the Syrians.  Elisha was talking with his servant and he asked, “How shall we do?”        How are we going to do?


Fear not for them that they with us are more than them that are against us.  Lord I pray Thee open the eyes that he may see.  The servant’s eyes were opened and he saw mountains full of people, chariots and horses.  He no longer feared.  We must have eyes to see the goals set this year.  Tell ourselves – This is my goal.  Individually ask God for confirmation of this goal.  That confirmation is a crucial and important part.  We are surrounded by help and power.  Heavenly Father will send to us those that have been prepared.  Our goal is to do what Heavenly Father would have us do.


Closing Hymn:  #249  Called to Serve

Closing Prayer:  Sister Pazos