Computer Literacy PRE / POST-TEST

(Ms. Leahy & Mr. Schneider)

Directions:  Please choose the best answer for each question.  Circle the correct answer.  Be sure to enter your answers in the data director website.  See Mr. Schneider for your access code.

  1.  Who is considered to be the Father of Computers?
  1. Joseph Jacquard
  2. Herman Hollerith
  3. Blaise Pascal
  4. Charles Babbage

  1. Which of the following is something a computer cannot do?
  1. Do arithmetic
  2. Solve common sense problems
  3. Compare values
  4. Store information

  1. The main thinking part of the computer is called the ___________.  It is the part that does the calculating, sorting, comparing, etc.
  1.  Central Processing Unit
  2. Disk Drive
  3. Floppy Disk
  4. Video Monitor

  1. Computer hardware is:
  1.  A program or programs written for a computer
  2.  Only used to enter data
  3.  The parts you can see and touch
  4.  Only used to display information

  1. CPU means

a.   Central Processing Unit

b.   Controlled Program Utilization

c.   Computer Programming Unit

d.   Computerized Processing Unit

  1. RAM and ROM are examples of what part of the computer?
  1.  circuits
  2.  Input devices
  3.  memory
  4.  Hardware

  1. A machine that prints letters, numbers, and symbols on paper from the computer
  1. Keyboard
  2. Printer
  3. Disk Drive
  4. Video Monitor

  1. Pictures on the display screen (monitor) are made up of
  1. pixels
  2. layers of color
  3. bits
  4. video “packets”

  1. Computers are built to do four things:
  1. Input, storage, processing, and output
  2. Processing, storage, memory and output
  3. Accept, store, process, and give out
  4. Input, CPU, give out, and storage
  1.   A system that connects individual computers together is a(n)
  1.  Operating System
  2.  Network
  3. Tape Drive System
  4. Software Program
  1.   Windows is
  1.  A kind of operating system.
  2.  A graphics display device.
  3.  A monitor display system.
  4.  A video game

  1.   Which of these is “not” an example of computer hardware?
  1.  Video card
  2.   Mouse
  3.  CD-ROM  drive
  4.   Windows

  1.   The main circuit board in the computer that connects the parts of the

  computer is the

  1.  Hard drive
  2.  Motherboard
  3.  Fatherboard
  4.  Main board

  1.    What company can be traced back to Herman Hollerith?
  1.  IBM
  2.  Radio Shack
  3.  Circuit City
  4.  Apple

  1.    Who founded Apple?
  1.  Mr. Lavender
  2.  Steve Jobs
  3.  Bill Gates
  4.  Mr. Townsend

  1.   A computer is a machine that takes in information and _________ it in  

  some way.

  1.  keeps
  2.  processes
  3.  calculates
  4.  erases

  1.    When you use a PC, you are using a
  1.  Programmable console
  2.  Powered calculating machine
  3.  Personal computer
  4.  Processing contraption

  1.   What is a .docx file?
  1.  A Microsoft Word 2010 document
  2.  A spreadsheet
  3.  A PowerPoint
  4.  A website

  1.   When working at Jefferson Middle School, where would you save a  


  1.  The desktop
  2.  H drive/Network drive
  3.  a CD
  4.  C drive

  1.   What is your digital footprint?
  1.  Internet history
  2.  Email
  3.  Facebook
  4. Everything you access is recorded

Computer Literacy Pre / Post Assessment