1. Allocation Amounts
  1. Of the $8,000 granted by VPUL to Penn Wellness for the 2016-2017 academic year, $2,000 will be reserved for funding events during Mental Wellness Week (“MWW Allocation”).
  2. $2,000 will be reserved for administrative and Wellness projects (“Admin/Umbrella Allocation”).
  3. $4,000 will be available as funding for student group events, approved by application (“Student Wellness Allocation”).
  1. MWW Allocation
  1. The MWWA will be contributed to the combined budget for Mental Wellness Week provided by GAPSA, CAPS, and other groups.
  2. Expenditure of this budget will be decided by a committee of representatives from all groups involved in MWW planning and execution.
  1. Admin/Umbrella Allocation
  1. The AUA will be allocated to administrative and Wellness projects based on Cabinet decision with input from CAPS and VPUL representatives.
  1. Student Wellness Allocation
  1. Any group recognized as a constituent of Penn Wellness by the Penn Wellness Cabinet is eligible to apply for funding from the Student Wellness Allocation, and preference will be given to applications from these constituent groups (including collaborations with other groups).
  2. Other groups may also apply for funding, but are strongly encouraged to present their event proposal at a Penn Wellness Steering Open Forum in the hopes of finding a constituent group to collaborate with.
  3. To avoid redundancy and to help coordinate events and potential collaborations, constituent groups are required to send at least one representative to all Penn Wellness Steering meetings. Failure to attend Steering meetings will jeopardize a group’s chances at receiving funding.
  4. Groups applying for funding can use the Student Wellness Grant Application. Groups are strongly encouraged to have foresight and apply for a Grant at least two weeks in advance of their event, as this will guarantee that orders can be routed through CAPS in time.
  5. Student Wellness Grants under $400 will be approved or denied by the Penn Wellness Cabinet on a rolling basis throughout the year. Cabinet meets once every other Sunday, 5:30-6:30, in the Houston Hall Golkin Room. More information about Cabinet meetings can be found at www.upennwellness.com.
  6. Student Wellness Grants of $400 and above will be reviewed by the Wellness Chair, Ben Bolnick, and Dr. Meeta Kumar.
  1. Student Wellness Grants
  1. When a Grant is approved, order details for expenditures should be sent via email (subject line: “[Group Name] SW Grant Order Details - [Date of Event]”) to the CAPS Office Manager Abeeda Warnauth (warb@upenn.edu), Dr. Meeta Kumar (meeta@upenn.edu), and current Wellness Chair Peter Moon (pmoon@sas.upenn.edu). The Wellness Chair will reply-all within 24 hours confirming Cabinet approval of the expenditure, and the CAPS Office Manager will place the order through Amazon, Penn vendors, or other necessary sources.
  2. Order details for expenditures should include preferred vendors with contact information, exact quantities of any relevant materials, and links to products where appropriate. If equipment and/or food delivery is required, an address and/or location must be provided. Dates and times for pickup and the event should be included as necessary.