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SU Facility Usage Policy
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                Shenandoah University’s Use of University Facilities Policy

Policy Rationale:                                        

Shenandoah University educates and inspires individuals to be critical, reflective thinkers; lifelong learners; and ethical, compassionate citizens who are committed to making responsible contributions within a community, a nation and the world. As a private university, SU is respectful of the rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, and also respectful of diverse cultures, experiences and perspectives. In addition, SU is committed to a campus culture of compassion, responsibility, advocacy and justice, which graduates are inspired to replicate in communities beyond SU. Consequently, SU strongly supports rigorous, intellectual debate within a safe, inclusive environment.


In light of the foregoing, the University has established requirements for use of its facilities and outdoor space (collectively, “University Facilities”) to: (1) focus on its mission, values and vision; and (2) provide a safe, inclusive environment.



The use of University Facilities, including by an individual invited to speak, must:


      Be consistent with the University’s mission, values and vision;

      Not disrupt student education, academic activities, research, scheduled events, University functions, or the faculty/staff work environment; and

      Be safe for participants and not generate unreasonable security issues.


University Facilities will be made available as noted below.


  1. Priority of Use


(1) Academic and student programs sponsored by the University;

(2) Faculty/Staff acting in the course of their job responsibilities or other official University activities;

(3)  Registered Student Organizations in good standing;


(4)  Faculty/Staff for meetings and events sponsored by a University Department head/chair related to professional associations/organizations or programs consistent with the University’s mission, values and vision;


(5) Third parties (including without limitation, non-University affiliated organizations, commercial sponsors, non-profit organizations, and faculty/staff not acting in their official capacities) authorized by a University Department head/chair; provided, however, that third parties may not use facilities or space leased by the University. Third party events must be conducted in a manner that does not hinder or disrupt the University operations, or is inconsistent with the University’s mission, values or vision. Third parties may not charge a fee to attend their event without prior written approval from the University.  To reserve, all third parties must contact the University’s Director of Auxiliary Services at


B.             Fees/Insurance


Except for third parties who have been granted a fee and/or insurance waiver by the University, a third party will be required to pay the prevailing fee(s) to rent a University Facility, and to provide a certificate of insurance, in amounts and at minimum levels required by the University, naming the University as an additional insured.  To apply for a fee and/or insurance waiver, and/or for a list of current rates, please contact the University’s Director of Auxiliary Services at


C.             Procedure for Reserving Space


To determine availability and to reserve space,


(1) If your proposed use falls within any of categories A(1)-(4) above, please contact the office listed below opposite the University Facility you would like to use.


(2) If you are a third party that desires permission to use any University Facility, please contact the University’s Director of Auxiliary Services at


University Facility                                                                    University Scheduler


Academic Space                                                                         Registrar

Athletics Facilities                                                                       Athletics

Brandt Student Center Facilities                                                  Student Engagement

Goodson Chapel and Recital Hall                                                Conservatory

All Other Spaces/Summer Programs                                          Auxiliary Services



Notwithstanding the foregoing, the University reserves the right to deny the use of any University Facility to any individual or group in the University’s sole and absolute discretion.

Approved by University Cabinet

Effective 10/1/2017