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The existence of the Arehtei was first discovered after the appearance of the ruins of Inoman[1], a town believed to have once followed and perhaps worshipped these beings.  Since the first version of this writing, more information has been made known about them. However, they are still wrapped in great mystery. In the eight hundred years that we Empatheians have lived on this island, we have never seen any sign or shadow of such a being. We did not even know such beings even existed. Currently no books have been found referencing these creatures, but the archives are vast with text still untranslated. It is possible a record may be hidden within.

Initially, scholars believed they might have been gods, spirits, mythical creatures, or some other kind of powerful being. However, the Arehtei deny themselves as "gods" and instead refer to themselves as guardians of this world, beings that reflect the world's health and stability. What all that entails is still unclear. But it is known and confirmed that the Arehtei used to be "worshipped" by the populations that once inhabited by the world below. There once were cities dedicated just for them and the Arehtei even once lived amongst the humans of such cities. However, it would seem that the practice may have faded in “recent” times.

The temple ruins from which the Otherworlders were first found have a set of shrines dedicated to each Arehtei. It was observed that these shrines seem to reflect the state of the Arehtei. Any other purpose for the shrines is unclear, although it is believed that the people of the past would place their completed crystals there as tribute.

There are eight known Arehtei, and it is uncertain if there are more. The Arehtei have so far not indicated such. Each one is affiliated with a type of emotion dynamic. They are connected to the crystals, but the function is somewhat different compared to our own. In the ancient past, people would focus their crystal to be a certain type of emotion, forming an alignment with the Arehtei. Upon completion would offer it to the respective Arehtei. It is unknown why such a practice occurred, but it would appear that it wasn't necessary for the Arehtei themselves. As mentioned before, it would seem that the practices faded over time, so it is unclear what the crystals were later used or why they were offered to begin with.

So far, only the Otherworlders are capable of aligning with the Arehtei. We have been told that our people are incapable of aligning with them, though the reason is not known.

Although once viewed as hostile threats, most of the Arehtei have so far tried to become our allies. This becomes more evident as they become "purified." When consumed by immense amounts of negativity, their behavior is much more aggressive and are dangerous. However, if this negativity is countered by equal or more positive emotions, then their behavior reflects that change. They become more amiable and peaceful. They continually state that their "corrupted" or "poisoned" state is a result of the imbalance brought upon grand scale wars that occurred over eight centuries ago. This corruption also impairs their memories, but purifying them seems to help return them.

It seems that the Arehtei are capable of changing their forms. While they are normally the size of large titans, some capable of crushing this very island by their massive size alone, they can reduce their size to a much smaller form. This can be done either by their own will or due to weakness and fatigue.

It would appear that the Arehtei see each other as some kind of family unit. They tend to refer to each other as "siblings." Some of the Arehtei seem closer and more devoted to each other, but this is not a trait that is shared amongst all of them. They also have unique personalities and some appear to be older than others. Of course, that could just be due to their personalities. It is unclear how old any of them are or if they could be of differing ages.

In terms of power, the Arehtei seem capable of performing special abilities. These abilities appear to relate to their form, element, and alignment. For example, Elios has the form of a phoenix. He is capable of creating avian creatures, fire elemental attacks, and induce either love or hatred. Contrast to Sosyne whose abilities are more water based with the ability to summon sea monsters. In addition to direct abilities, it has been observed that parts of their bodies, such as feathers or scales, also contain some "magical" properties. Research is still underway, but so far such objects can influence one's emotions and provide a powerful source of energy.


This is a small timeline chronicling when the Arehtei first appeared or made themselves known.

» Notus 814 Ecta Deca 24[2]: The Arehtei Daimonia first appeared during the Night of Selenium.

» Notus 814 Prote Dodeca 2[3]: The Arehtei Elios and Sosyne made themselves known.

» Notus 814 Tetre Dodeca 19[4]: The Arehtei Elios attacked Verens. He was later calmed.

» Zephyras 815 Tetre Tria 18[5]: The Arehtei Peromei first appeared outside Verens.. She was later calmed and left without harming the city.

» Eurus 815 Pempte Exi 25[6]: The Arehtei Sosyne attacked Verens. Elios battled against Sosyne to try and protect the city. The Arehtei Daimonia reappeared along with Thras to form an Interdiction around Empatheias, containing Sosyne.

» Boreas 815 Tetre Empta 22[7]: The Arehtei Thras returned with a challenge to those aligned to him.

» Boreas 815 Ebdome Ochta 15[8]: The Arehtei Thras revealed the city Shaarnath existing in the Lower World.




Alignment: Envy and appreciation

Symbolic color: Mint green

Associated gender: Female

Form: Aiada’s appearance is that of an extremely large snake whose scales are overgrown with moss and leafy plant matter. Much of her body is also covered in viney overgrowth as though she was made up of the

First Appearance: Notus 816 Dua Trite 25

Second to last to make an appearance,  it was revealed that Aiada had been around long before she showed up, residing underneath the floating island of Empatheias as a secondary method to keep the island afloat in the sky.  She is the youngest of the Arehtei, being the most recent of them to be reborn. She seems to harbor a great deal of insecurity about her previous form withering away due to being forgotten.

Tormented spirits agitated by their own jealousy of the living attacked Aiada and her spritely agents, resulting in increasing earthquakes because of Aiada’s pain and writhing motions.  Residents fell victim to the spirits’ desire to live again, and many became possessed, their desires being overridden by the spirits own. In order to restore balance and save Aiada and the others, her remaining sprite helped guide the un affected residents of the Island to restore balance to her emotion scale by focusing energy towards pillars spread across the land.

Aiada’s disposition, despite low numbers of aligned to her in the otherworlder population, seems to trend positive.  Despite the way she was introduced to those who reside in Empathieas she has only expressed good will and a childlike curiosity towards them all.



Alignment: Grief and joy

Symbolic color: Coral pink

Associated gender: Female

Form: A blueish-white ethereal serpent like creature when full, but takes on a pink crystallized sea serpent like form when small

First appearance: Notus 814 Ecta Deca 24

Daimonia was the very first Arehtei to make an appearance to the public. She first appeared during the Night of Selenium. She claimed she had always felt our grief and our joys during this time of the year, however it was only until after the Otherworlders arrived that she made herself known. Scholars are under the current belief that she may have been drawn to their ability to align with her. Daimonia did not stay long, but did leave warning of others who may appear.

She would not appear until Sosyne's attack, Eurus 815 Pempte Exi 25. Along with Thras, the Arehtei placed an Interdiction upon the island, which reduced the effects of our emotions. She would remain inside the barrier, taking on a smaller, more crystallized form while Thras remained outside. Making a temporary residence over the lake, she formed a small crystal island to watch over Sosyne.

It should be noted that Daimonia is one of two Arehtei who does not seem to have been corrupted like the others. Although there are signs of it, she has not once attacked the city and has remained peaceful and calm. Scholars speculate that if the wars did indeed affect the Arehtei, perhaps the joy of brutality outweighed the grief of death and loss. It's a troubling speculation if true, and so Daimonia remains a mystery until more answers are obtained.




Alignment: Hate and love

Symbolic color: Blood orange

Associated gender: Male

Form: A fiery phoenix when full, but looks more like a sparrow when small

First appearance: Notus 814 Tetre Dodeca 19

Taking the form of a phoenix, Elios first appeared in Verens seeking love. However, so consumed by hatred was he that he attacked the city spewing hatred instead. During the attack, Elios hid within the Temple grounds, and those taken by his minions actually spoke to him to try and convince him to cease his attacks. Their words and the love put forth by those defending the city were enough to make him stop. He repaired the city and returned everyone.

Elios would leave but then later return during the Zephyras Flower Festival. He gifted everyone with a special white flower which would absorb emotions generated throughout the festival and later blossom. Through these flowers and his own observations, Elios began to re-learn what it meant to love. Although the attack was still fresh on our minds, our people could see that the Arehtei was genuine in his regret over his actions, and we also did not want to risk his ire. With support from the Otherworlders, we crowned Elios the Zephyras Flower King and Chief Ledwika officially declared the festival as an official tribute to him.

He would then take the Otherworlders to the Lower World to test if their emotions were strong enough to affect it. Lindsy Cartwright, a renowned archeologist and researcher, would demand answers as to why our own people could not be taken down there. Although Elios did not (or could not) answer to her satisfaction, it was implied that our people may be different in some way. At the very least, he is the first one to say that our people are unable to align with him.

Elios is now often seen alongside Peromei, acting like a doting brother. Perhaps it is due to his alignment, but Elios is also often seen around couples and those of strong bonds. His personality has been one of a curious, lovestruck teenager and is surprisingly quite polite. Many people have taken to him and have taken advantage of his affiliation to help promote romantic products. His support has only grown since he helped defend Verens from Sosyne's attack.

It was during the month of Tria that the support given to Elios did more damage than good. There was too much love being felt by everybody, which made the Arehtei unbalanced. Fueled by an unhealthy amount of love, the weather in Verens slowly changed and became colder. Some people became victims to the feeling of love and warmth that Elios felt then, and in turn, wanted to stay in Empatheias and be with their loved ones no matter what it took. It made the city a dangerous place, but thankfully, people had anticipated an attack from Elios and were able to bait Elios in another location.



Alignment: Despair and hope

Symbolic color: Creamy white

Associated gender: Female

Form: A horse-like creature with dragonesque features and a pair of horns

First appearance: Zephyras 815 Tetre Tria 18

The third Arehtei to arrive, Peromei's arrival was not as much of a surprise as the first two. Contact had been made between her and a few Otherworlders, and it's through these communications that there was a warning that she would come. The reason for this is due to an Otherworlder girl named Junko Enoshima. Although not known at the time, it would be later revealed that this girl has continuously and deliberately sending the Arehtei large amounts of despair. It is surmised that this onslaught of despair compounded with the Arehtei's negative state, sinking her in further ruin.

Thus the Otherworlders staged numerous "rituals" outside of the city to try and counteract what Junko had done. Although it would appear to have helped some, it was not enough. Peromei, now attracted to the site of the rituals, arrived as warned. There she created a maze filled with various challenges that those trapped inside had to go through. The Otherworlders were able to calm the Arehtei down, but the success was not the same as Elios. It appeared that Peromei's own hatred toward Junko and despair prevented her from changing further. It is also the first time that an Arehtei has purposefully singled out an individual.

Peromei also is the first and only Arehtei to display different physical changes depending on her state. If she is feeling more hopeful, or "positive," she turns white. If she is filled with more despair, "negative," she turns black.



Alignment: Distrust and trust

Symbolic color: Dark navy blue

Associated gender: Male

Form: An immense mobile mountain with large claws, legs and rarely, eyestalks, extending out.  Piphron’s form underneath his shell is unknown.

First Appearance: Eurus 816, Dute Penta 23 (8/23/2016)

The last Arehtei to reveal himself to the island, though he never had any intention of doing so.  The people of Empatheias were able to seek him out in his domain far to the south of the island with the aid of the other Arehtei.  After penetrating the defenses around his mountain, they were able to partially break through his corruption and convince him to allow them a chance to restore the world.  Piphron remains unenthusiastic, though he agreed to give them the aid they desired.

In recent times, he has warmed (slightly) to the people of the island, becoming a somewhat more reliable source of assistance, though he still prefers his own company.  Of the Arehtei, Piphron is the least inclined to stay on the island, preferring to remain within his domain and his mountain home, accessible by teleporter.  Those who wish to seek him out generally have to make a long journey, although he responds to telepathic summons after some delay.

Piphron is the oldest of the Arehtei and had been around for several generations prior to the current incarnations of the other Arehtei.  His relationship with them was previously tenuous, as he had little cause to interfere with their domains.  Memories from ancient times have indicated that Piphron once had a strong relationship with his people, acting almost like a benevolent god to them.  Though he accepts his role in the loss of his people, he has never been able to forgive himself for what happened.



[ figure unknown ]

Alignment: Apathy and sympathy

Symbolic color: Silver

Associated gender: Female(?)

Form: Unknown

First Appearance: Unknown

No one knows what Simpathis looks like and there have been no accounts of any Otherworlder or native Empatheian having heard its voice. The other Arehtei refer to Simpathis as "her" but we cannot confirm its associated gender. The Arehtei seem reluctant to talk about Simpathis.

In the recovered historical texts, Simpathis is believed to be the "leader" of the Arehtei. A quote commonly found in Inoman's artifacts is, “All should remain in harmony with Simpathis,

There is a running theory that perhaps our people may somehow be related to Simpathis. This is under the assumption that all people should be able to align with one of the Arehtei. If we are unable to align with the others, then by process of elimination, it should be Simpathis. However, we have not witnessed any sign or proof that the Arehtei even exists. There are also counter theories that there may be something else about our people that prevents us from aligning with the other Arehtei, such as the different nature of our crystals.

Until Simpathis itself or the other Arehtei tell us more, nothing can be said for certain or even assumed.




Alignment: Anger and calm

Symbolic color: Periwinkle blue

Associated gender: Female

Form: Flying whale with multiple fins

First Appearance: Eurus 815 Pempte Exi 25

Although Sosyne attacked the city in Exi, she is the first Arehtei to have been introduced. The below  mural of Sosyne was found in the ruins of Inoman within a shrine dedicated to her:


A vision depicted the destruction of the town. It appeared above the town moments before a large surge of water flooded it. It was described as being black and dark red, as if twisted or corrupted. There were also reports of a large shadow over Inoman, and her shadow has appeared twice above Verens over the year.

During one of those "visits," scales appeared throughout the city. These scales would reveal a memory of the individual's either calmest or angriest moments. Those aligned to her received messages. Her scales were also taken in for research.

Why Sosyne waited until recently to attack is unclear, but it was clear that she was consumed by great anger. She lashed out against the city, causing more destruction than Elios's own hatred from before. Those easily swayed by their emotions were also influenced and violence was more widespread. Elios rose up to fight against her to protect and defend the city, but it would not be until Daimonia's and Thras's intervention that she would be stopped.

Since then, she has remained in her smaller form and has hidden within the lake. This has caused some disruption within the wildlife and fishing industry as the waters would boil every now and then. While it used to be that she seems to hold no remorse over what she did, lately she’s been in a sulky mood rather than an actively violent one. However, it is still advised to approach her with caution, given her inclination towards anger and liberal curse words.




Alignment: Fear and bravery

Symbolic color: Golden yellow

Associated gender: Male

Form: Golden dragon

First Appearance: Eurus 815 Pempte Exi 25

Thras's first appearance and act was to place Interdiction upon Empatheias. With the help of Daimonia, they were able to stop Sosyne and save our city. However, it would not be until a month later that he would enter the city and issue a challenge to the Otherworlders. This challenge was in the form of "rulebooks" from which those who chose to take on the challenge must follow a set "role" and not use any of their known abilities.

After this challenge was completed, Thras revealed a city called Shaarnath located within the Lower World. It is explained that by the nature of war, Thras was able to maintain his sanity from the acts of all those who fought. There were also his followers who made concerted efforts to survive, and with Thras's protection were able to establish the city and maintain it for all these centuries. They use a special technique called Dunamis, which is a learned ability to control and even harness one's emotions and the resulting energy. For us, it is like learning the magic that the Otherworlders possess. Those who did not fall back on their ways are able to use preliminary levels of Dunamis.

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