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The team’s mission is to row well, row hard, and race fast. We strive to create a team culture that fosters the development of individual athleticism within the context of true teamwork.




Team Structure


* Please note: structure of the team is fluid and is dependent on the numbers at tryouts.

Tryout Process

There will be a three-day tryout process for any Duxbury High School student in good standing that is interested in rowing on the team. The team will be announced shortly after.

Tryouts will take into account all of the aspects that allow a rower to be successful. Attributes the coaches will consider include: fitness level, strength-to-size ratio, technical ability, coachability, competitiveness, teamwork, leadership, attendance, positive attitude, mental toughness, sportsmanship, and general athletic potential. Coxswains will be held to the same standards as rowers and are expected to partake in the PFT. Persons trying out as coxswains should understand leadership is inherent in the role and that weight and height are important considerations.

Varsity selection process

During the try-out period for varsity, coaches will look at the results of the following:

Novice Selection Process

During the try-out period for novices, coaches will look at the results of the following:

*Note: Varsity and novice tryouts run back to back. If the coaching staff feels that an athlete trying out for varsity (with novice eligibility) would benefit from a season of being on novice, that athlete may instead make the novice team.  Also, if an athlete trying out for novice shows potential to be on the varsity team, the coaching staff may give them option of staying on novice or moving up to varsity.


Practice Schedule

The practice schedule is set by the coaches and is subject to change. Practice includes skill instruction and conditioning on the water, land training, video review, goal setting, focus strategies, skill work, and discussions on training, sportsmanship, nutrition, mental toughness, etc. Multiple missed practices within one month of a regatta may alter line-ups for the upcoming regatta.

Each season’s practice schedule varies slightly due weather, daylight, tide, and other variables. Please be sure to view the season’s practice calendar to verify your practice times.

Swim Test

A swim test will be held for those that have made the team in order to ensure that all athletes are competent swimmers while on the bay.



The DBMS High School Crew fee, as well as the breakdown of what it does and does not cover, is listed below. Strong fundraising efforts will occur during the season to keep our budget balanced as we have growing demands for equipment and coaches. Registration and payments may be done online at DBMS.org once an athlete has successfully made the team after tryouts. Any athlete with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to practice until the payments are satisfied or arrangements are made. Current fees can be found at www.dbms.org.


Not included:

* Financial Aid is limited to One Class per Year per Student and Limited to Youth through age 18. Anyone seeking information about financial assistance should contact Beth at the DBMS office 781-934-7555 x108 OR visit DBMS.org and look under “Policies.”


Rowing is an expensive sport and costs of equipment, space, and time are high. For example, a single oar ranges from $300- 500 and a boat ranges from $14k - $24k. To keep participation dues reasonable, we are engaging in strong fundraising efforts.  We ask that all members of the current season participate in any fundraising event in order to build pride within the program. We ask that all parents support our efforts.

Transportation Fees

All athletes attending a regatta will be transported TO the race via a hired bus.  The fee for the bus will be announced before the race and will be collected and paid by a volunteer parent.


Required uniforms are listed below. All uniforms must be purchased prior to the first regatta. Need a single piece of the uniform? Email the program director. Prices of the uniforms can be found at www.dbms.org.

Varsity Uniform

Novice Uniform

 Note: The long sleeve shirt is being phased out – Instead, we are asking that all rowers have a tight black spandex shirt to be worn under their uni in the case of cold weather.

Varsity Letter – Spring Season only

1. Regular practice and game attendance throughout the season on the varsity team.

2. Successful completion of the season.

a. An athlete must be academically eligible at the end of the season.

b. Athletes removed from the team for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible to receive a letter.

c. If a player is injured during a practice or a game and is unable to finish the season, he/she will be awarded a letter if he/she continues to support the team.

3. Seniors who have participated in a program for three years will be awarded a letter even though the specific sport requirements below may not be met, at the discretion of the coach.

4.The Varsity Coach's recommendation is required for all athletic awards.  An athlete must compete in at least half of the varsity contests to receive a varsity letter.  In certain individual sports, there are specific requirements to earn a letter.  However, at the discretion of the coach, a letter may be awarded to any bona fide team member who exhibits extraordinary effort.

-Duxbury High School – Student-Athlete Handbook

Crew Team specific requirements for a Varsity Letter

Boys – Compete in ½ of the spring season regattas in a varsity event OR pull a 2k in 6:50 or less.

Girls – Compete in ½ of the spring season regattas in a varsity event OR pull a 2k in 7:50 or less.


Important Dates to Know (Fall/Spring)

Team Building events – Be sure to check the calendar for the season’s team building event. These events are “mandatory” and are not included in the price of the season. If you have obligation or can not attend for other reasons, please be sure to email both your coach and the program director.

Spring Break – All Varsity athletes are highly recommended to stay for this week for training. It is very important to be training throughout the entire season as we strive to be competitive program in the northeast. 

PromAll athletes that are competing in the USRowing Northeast Championships will be doing so the day of Prom.These athletes will more than likely arrive late to prom. If these athletes advance to the second day of races, we ask that they stay smart the night of prom and behave like an athlete on this night.  The results of this race determine eligibility to compete in the USRowing Youth National Championships.

Race/Event Schedule

Please see the calendar on the “Calendar” page of the website (ww.dbms.org). Be sure to check the specific schedule for the team you are on (boys/girls & novice/varsity). Attendance of all members of DBMS Crew is required for any event specified as “full team.”

The race schedule is subject to change and participation and boating is at the discretion of the coach and program director.



Athletes must notify coaches 24 hours in advance if they will be missing practice. Coaches set up practice workouts based on a specific number of athletes in attendance (if an athlete fails to appear at practice or a race, last minute changes consume precious time, and if several athletes fail to appear, the result may be a canceled practice or a missed race for the rest of the boat). While we never give up on an athlete, an athlete that consistently shows a lack of respect for their teammates will be dealt with accordingly.

Rowers and coxswains will arrive on time to practices, races, and any other DBMS Crew event. Consistent absence from practice is grounds for de-boating of an athlete. The only acceptable reasons for absences include:


Note: If you are absent, you must make up the practice in accordance to your coach’s requirements.


Race Attendance

Race attendance is MANDATORY at any all teams regattas.  Even if you are not racing, you must be there to support your team (unless excused by your coach).  Absence guidelines will be followed, but coaches must know 2 weeks in advance.


Uniforms are mandatory for races and must be purchased through DBMS. Optional articles of the uniform will be available through an online store.  A novice athlete must acquire black spandex shorts on their own as part of their uniform.  

If an athlete chooses to wear a hat at a race, he/she must wear the DBMS Crew hat, which can be purchased through DBMS. All teams will remain uniform from boat to boat (no separate articles for specific boats).

Athletic Performance

If you cannot run, you cannot row.  To be excused from running, you must provide a doctor’s note.  Erging/erg tests are required in order to row on the water. If you have missed any erg tests during tryouts or throughout the season, you must make them up within a week or you will not be able to row on the water.


Poor sportsmanship (not being a good teammate) can lead to suspension from your seat in a boat.  Just as erg scores and performance on the water, a positive attitude is just as important in developing a cohesive team.  This will be left up to the coach’s discretion and it will be discussed with the athlete.  

Practice/Race Behavior

Swearing will not be tolerated at practice and is subject to disqualification at races.  If a coach catches you swearing, 10 push-ups will be assigned to the entire side of that team. Horseplay around boats is also subject to assigned push-ups. Athletes will respect what the coaches ask of them and are also expected to respect the captains of the team. Consequences include burpees/pushups at the discretion of the coach.

Bullying & Hazing

Bullying and hazing will not be tolerated. Athletes are expected to report any activities and could lead to suspension or immediate dismissal of those involved after a proper investigation.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol and drug use will not be tolerated. Athletes are expected to report any activities and could lead to immediate dismissal of those involved after a proper investigation.


Coaches and athletes will understand that the relationship is to remain professional.   Coaches are here to teach, guide, and mentor athletes with limited social contact.  If there are relationships within the team, please keep PDA to a minimum.

Chain of communication:


Your coach → Program Director → Athletic Director/Executive director


If you have a question or issue, talk to your coach. If you do not come up with a solution, you, your coach, and the program director will sit down to discuss the issue.  Further action can then be taken to the Athletic Director at DHS, Thom Holdgate or the DBMS Executive Director, Ted Lawson.

Safe Sport Policy

USRowing has joined the United States Olympic Committee in its SafeSport campaign aimed at raising awareness, stopping child abuse in sport, and creating a safe culture in sports programs across the country.

Duxbury Bay Maritime School Crew Team has affirmed its dedication to this campaign by ensuring that every coaching staff member has completed the SafeSport training.  The training focuses on misconduct in sport, which includes:

DBMS Crew team values our commitment to this campaign, ensuring that we provide our athletes a safe and supportive environment in which to learn, compete, and excel in the sport of rowing. Staff members and volunteers will be required to complete the training before their initial contact with athletes.

SafeSport policies will govern all coaches, volunteers, and participants. If you have any reason to believe that an individual has engaged in the above behaviors, please contact the Director of Jr. Rowing.  







Student-Athlete Respect Contract

Everyone has the right to feel physically and emotionally safe at crew.  This contract will be effective immediately for the below stated athletes of DBMS Crew.

I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to row at DBMS equally, and feel safe, secure and accepted regardless of actual or perceived color, race, gender, sexual orientation, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion, nationality and physical, emotional or social differences

  1. Value rower differences and treat others with respect.
  2. Avoid becoming involved in bullying incidents or being a bully in person or on the Internet.
  3. Be aware of the team’s policies and support systems with regard to bullying and cyberbullying.
  4. Report honestly and immediately all incidents of bullying/cyberbullying/harassment to DBMS staff.
  5. Be alert in places around the boathouse where there is less adult supervision, such as bathrooms, workout areas, and parking lots or on the Internet like social networking sites.
  6. Support rowers who have been or are subjected to bullying/cyberbullying/harassment.
  7. Talk to the DBMS staff and parents about concerns/issues regarding bullying/cyberbullying/harassment.
  8. Work with other rowers and staff to help the team with bullying, cyber bullying and any type of harassment effectively.
  9. Participate in discussions at practice and at home about bullying/cyberbullying/harassment issues.
  10. Be a good role model for younger rowers and support them if bullying occurs.
  11. Acknowledge that whether I am being a bully or see someone being bullied, if I don’t stop or report the bullying, I am just as guilty.

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Rules of Conduct

Parents and rowers, please read these rules and indicate your agreement below. Participation in a crew program demands fitness, determination, strength, and a competitive instinct.  It also bestows friendship, camaraderie, and an enormous sense of teamwork.    It is with this in mind that the following rules of conduct and behavior are offered.

  1. I will not work out in the erg room or row until I have been fully registered and paid my fee.
  2. I will pay the required fees on time.  Students expelled from the team for disciplinary infractions, or who quit the team, will also forfeit payments.
  3. I will participate to the best of my ability in all fundraising events.
  4. I will maintain a satisfactory record of conduct, citizenship, grades, and attendance in school.
  5. I will demonstrate support for coaches and fellow rowers and show team spirit for all DBMS’ competitions.
  6. I will be responsible for the proper care and use of equipment.  Any equipment willfully or negligently damaged or lost will be paid for by the member.  Removal of any equipment from the boathouse without the approval of the coaches or the boathouse manager is forbidden.
  7. I will be punctual for practices and meetings.
  8. I will pay any separate fees for regattas (transportation, lodging, meals, etc.) before travel.
  9. I understand that the use of tobacco, alcohol, or any illegal substances is unacceptable by participants and will not be tolerated.
  10. I promise to conduct myself with decorum and good sense, to behave courteously and considerately, and to refrain from vulgar language.
  11. I will respect the authority of coaches and staff of DBMS as well as that of adult chaperones and other appropriate authorities.
  12. My parents and I will observe the rules regarding transportation to away rowing events.  For safety reasons all rowers must travel to regattas by bus, as a team.


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