December 2014

An individual’s public behavior is often the only means by which others judge that person, their organization, family and community. Among the basic philosophies which govern the Clifton Park Baseball League is helping foster the development of team play and good sportsmanship on the part of all participants in our program. These objectives demand that we adhere to the following rules:


  1. Cheering is appropriate but only FOR your team, not against your opponents. You must refrain from criticism of any player. Shouts of “he can’t pitch” or laughing at other’s mistakes is unacceptable.
  2. Throwing of equipment (helmet, bat, etc.) will not be tolerated.
  3. Use of swear words will not be tolerated. If it’s a word that your mother normally does not use or you would not use in front of her, don’t use it at baseball.
  4. Respect the umpires! If you have a question about a call, let your coach discuss the issue with the umpire. The player’s role is to play baseball, not to umpire the game. Mistakes by umpires, coaches or players must be accepted as part of playing the game.


You must set an example for your players! The rules for players apply equally to you. Abuse of umpires is unacceptable. Your job with youth umpires is to help them to do the best job they can. Do not try to intimidate them. Any conversation with any umpire must be conducted in a calm and friendly manner. The old adage is most appropriate for our League: It’s not whether you won or lost, it’s how you played the game. You are expected to discuss this Code with your players and enforce it. If you have a disciplinary problem, bring it to your Division Director.


You are an important a role model for your child and that continues with baseball. Verbal abuse of umpires, ridicule of opposing players, public criticism of coaches, or arguments with other fans are an ugly part of some sports. They must not be allowed to ever be a part of Clifton Park Baseball. If you have a criticism, please feel free to discuss it with a member of the Board of Directors.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

  1. Any player, coach or spectator who violates the Code of Conduct during a game is subject to ejection from that game by an Umpire.
  2. Any player, coach or spectator ejected from a game by an Umpire is required, immediately upon ejection, to leave the Clifton Park Baseball playing fields.
  3. Any player, coach or spectator who is ejected from a game by an umpire shall be suspended from their next Clifton Park Baseball game; in the case of a spectator having been ejected, the suspension shall be served by that person’s son or daughter who is a Clifton Park Baseball player. In the case of an ejection during a post-season tournament, the Disciplinary Committee may elect to have the suspension served during that coach or player’s next regular-season Clifton Park Baseball game. This also includes all suspensions at away games.
  4. Any violation of the Code of Conduct may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for review and possible further sanctions, including and up to, removal from the Clifton Park Baseball League.