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Alconost + Crowdin: localization of Clash of Kings into English


Clash of Kings is a multiplayer strategy game with over 40 million players around the world, available on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS. The game is among the Top 10 apps on Google Play in over 80 countries.

Our task:

Specialists from Elex Inc., developers of Clash of Kings, contacted us when the English translation of the game was already complete. However, the localization had been carried out by a non-native speaker, and our task was therefore to check and improve the game text to avoid issues arising among English-speaking players.

Work carried out:

The content of the game is fairly unique, and the Clash of Kings developers wanted to ensure our editor understood the specifics of the fantasy strategy genre. We asked several of our editors to carry out a test assignment, and the client evaluated the results and chose the editor best suited to the job.

Why Crowdin?

We ran all the work on the Clash of Kings text through Crowdin. This cloud-based translation management platform is ideally suited to these projects. The majority of the text in the game is speech and phrases that are often difficult to understand out of context. Translators and editors usually have dozens of questions. In Crowdin, the strings for translation can be accompanied by screenshots and an additional description, speeding up the process. And if this is not enough, the translator or editor can ask questions directly via Crowdin – the client receives an email alert and can reply on the spot.

Another advantage of Crowdin is the convenience of managing projects that require ongoing updates. A game is updated, and new text appears that needs to be translated quickly. The client uploads the files to Crowdin and our specialists get to work. When the translation and proofreading of the new strings is done, the client automatically receives the complete resource file via the API.

How the work was carried out in Crowdin:

We handled our task successfully, and the updated text went into production. The development of Clash of Kings is continuing and we are taking part in the localization of the new text, providing continuous linguistic support.

We – the teams at Alconost and Crowdin – are wholeheartedly thrilled by the success of Clash of Kings and our fruitful contribution to the project.

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