Mark Kerzner

Hands-on Software Architect, Writer, Trainer, Data Scientist

Skills & Technologies

Skills: AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain (Ethereum and Hyperledger), distributed and cloud computing, AWS certified, GCP certified, Hadoop certified, Spark, Kafka, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, Cassandra, high-performance multi-threaded applications, data mining, text analytics, mathematical optimization.

Tools and languages: Java, Scala, Python, R, IntelliJ, Eclipse, AJAX, C++, Search (Solr/Lucene/ElasticSearch), JavaScript, Swing, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Messaging (JMS, Tibco), Web Services, JBoss, Weblogic, .NET, C#, VB.NET, Visual C++

Environment: Linux, Windows, Mac, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle.

Business domains: eDiscovery, Legal, Energy, Healthcare, Finance.

Performed Spark/Hadoop/Cloud consulting projects for Deloitte, Cognizant, Intel, Cerner, Sutter, T-Mobile, GHX healthcare and a number of startups. The total number of Hadoop clusters set up so far: 350+.

Creator of an eDiscovery/Enterprise Search solution, FreeEed (Hadoop, Lucene, Solr, ElasticSearch, HBase, EC2, S3, text analytics, document classification).

Co-author, trainer for ElephantScale LLC

Co-author, Springer, “Guide to Big Data Applications”, 2017

Co-author, HBase Design Patterns, 2015

Co-author, Hadoop Illuminated, 2012

Organizer, presenter and hands-on trainer at Houston Hadoop Meetup.

Big Data books reviewer for Manning and Packt

Certified Google Professional Cloud Architect

Certified Cloudera Hadoop Administrator

Certified AWS Architect

Professional Experience


Elephant Scale, Houston/San Jose,

Managing partner, trainer, software architect. Involved in a number of projects: AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Spark, TensorFlow, search applications, marketing, and training.

Clients included JPMC, US Navy, Cisco, Bank of America, US Federal Bank, USPTO, DARPA (Memex), Intuit, Deloitte, Cerner, Cognizant, Intel.

Some of the accomplishments were:

Technologies used on these projects: Java, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase, R, Sqoop, Flume, Maven, Git, ZooKeeper/Exhibitor/Curator, YARN, Storm.

11/11 - 07/12

Cision, Chicago, IL

Big Data consultant

Prototyped Big Data system with Hadoop, HBase, and Cassandra, Lucene, Solr, Java, R, text analytics (feature extraction, document grouping) using Cloudera and MapR clusters on EC2. Designs complete architecture, assuring acceptable performance.

06/11- 11/11

Nor1, Sunnyvale, CA

Big Data consultant


GHX, Louisville, CO

Big Data consultant

Architected and prototyped Track and Trace for pharmaceuticals, using Scala, Cassandra, Hadoop, XML, REST fine-grain access control with certificates, with capacity of 10,000 transactions per second, with background processes to verify chain of custody and fraud prevention. Tasks accomplished:

01/11 - 03/11

ChooChee, Mountain View, CA

Big Data consultant

08/10 - 12/10

ExtremeTix, Houston, TX

High-performance applications consultant

Developed a high-performance cache, making the site stable and improving its performance;

Implemented complex discount logic using Drools.

12/08 - 08/10.

Highgate, New Jersey


Designed and developed a high-performance cloud-based eDiscovery system (Java, Hadoop, SimpleDB, RDS). This amounted to a sophisticated legal search application and included the following:

01/10 - 07/10

Architect at Quiz Revolution, cloud-based PHP/MySQL/Java.

10/08-08/09 - Senior Developer

Exobox, Houston, TX.

- Develops text analysis and business intelligence applications, based on EC2/Hadoop/Nutch. Tasks include web scraping, document conversion, search index creation, automatic categorization, duplicate detection, using Java technologies and open-source projects. Later ported complete infrastructure into the EC2 cloud.


UBS, Houston, TX.

Consultant Developer for Commodities Trading

- Develops high-performance trading applications, with the high-reliability, high-performance, multi-threaded framework based on Spring;

- Signal Suite - real-time high volume (100k+ messages per/second) data analysis that can be used from algorithmic trading to system monitoring. Based on Esper for ASP (Event Stream Processing) and CEP (Complex Event Processing).


Merrill Lynch Commodity Trading, Houston, TX.

Senior Developer for eConnect.

Projects included

- re-engineer the system to improve performance and to bring the GUI to today's look and feel;

- ICE/eConnect integration;

- integration of third-party trade systems.

- intensive testing, bug detection, and fixes; using Swing, Java, Weblogic, JMS, SQL Server, Hibernate, Linux, Windows.


BaseBase Corporation, Houston, TX.

Senior Software Engineer / Architect.

Projects included

- a multi-media sharing site with distributed architecture;

- social network with AJAX interactions and multilayer Google Maps mashup

JBoss, JMS, MySQL, Hibernate, AJAX, Linux, Windows.


HyperAlert, Houston, Texas.


Continuously defined and implemented new features, improved stability, scalability, and reliability, until HyperAlert became a leading communications platform for contacting people by phone, email, web, with real-time response tracking. Used open-standards architecture with Linux, JBoss, EJB, JSP, AJAX, VoiceXML, MySQL.


Lateral Data, Houston, Texas.

Architect and Lead Developer.

Developed and implemented a software system for eDiscovery - unique, massively parallel, scalable.


ODS_Petrodata, Houston, Texas.

Java developer.

Maintains and improves various aspects of the ODS Petrodata commercial websites. The sites are used by subscription by oil companies and energy operators to plan and execute offshore drilling programs. Technologies used are Java, Weblogic, XML, JSP, Servlets, and SQLServer.

Specific tasks:

- integrated site search and indexing using open source Lucene, replacing Inktomi;


SHMSoft, Houston, Texas.

Director, lead developer.

Suggests, designs, and implements new software products and improvements. These include:

- Translink, optimization energy trading planner, VB/Access, C++ advanced optimization, for Energistics, LLP,

- software package for delivery services with scheduling, dispatching, payroll, accounting, and web order entry. Currently used by dozens of people in 4 cities.

07/2001 – 01/2002

Structure Consulting Group, Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Designs and develops applications for deregulated energy markets.

- Java architect/lead developer for the Trade Manager, which keeps track of energy trading contracts, energy consumption measurements, and financial settlements, and controls risk management. The technologies used are Java, Swing, J2EE, Oracle, Tibco, PL/SQL.

07/2000 - 07/2001

Coral Energy, Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Designs and develops applications for on-line energy trading, using Java/Swing, J2EE, EJB, Weblogic/Oracle, Tibco, Endur.

02/2000 - 07/2000, Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Builds commercial B2C and B2B websites. Tasks accomplished:

- rewrite using Java, Servlets, JSP's, WebLogic, WLCS.  


Enron Energy Services, Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Builds Enron's Common Data Platform (CDP) which brings together all enterprise data. CDP is based on EJB (Enterprise Java Beans specifications) and comprises Java and C++ servers, with C++ and Java clients, ObjectStore database, communicating through CORBA and XML.


Dresser-Rand, Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Develops "Global Access", an Internet-based system of remote control over equipment operation.


Shell Oil (BTC), Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Develops applications for processing and 3D modeling and visualization of exploration data (123DI, Spir3DVIP) on UNIX.


Mincom, Pty., Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Develops OpenWorks/Geolog data server (Java, CORBA, PC, UNIX). Suggests and develops an innovative graphical user interface to database objects. The interface is based on the JGO++ library and is used to graphically configure database mapping.


Petrophysical Solutions, Inc., Houston, Texas

Contract developer.

Develops complete novel well log data processing applications in Java, PC, UNIX, and databases.

12/1995-08/1998 (after 04/1996 continuing part-time, at 30 hours/week).

Applied Training Resources, Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Develops Procedure Maker, a multimedia information management system for petrochemical refineries.


Western Atlas International, Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Designed and implemented applications for database storage of well log data. C++/MFC, VB, Windows, UNIX, WIND/U.


Oilware, Inc., Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Developed and implemented a C++ library of 100+ classes for new data exchange standard (RP66 and DLIS). The volume of 20,000 lines was completely designed, implemented, and tested in 1.5 years.


Halliburton Logging Services, Inc., Houston, Texas.

Contract programmer.

Projects accomplished:

- designed and implemented a prototype for an object-oriented geological database;

- implemented parts of client-custom server for multi-user access of the above database;

- designed and implemented new computer applications using AI and image processing.


Dresser Atlas, Inc., Houston, Texas.

Started as Systems Analyst, left as Senior Computer Research Specialist. Received Dresser Industries Golden Creativity Award in 1984.

Projects accomplished:

- new computer applications for log analysis;

- systems for log processing, databases, interactive and hard copy displays.


Hadoop boot camp, Redwood City, CA, by ScaleUnlimited, 2009

MapR training with Zaloni, Chicago, IL, 2012

Novus University School of Law

JD, 2007

St. Petersburg University, Russia.

MS in Math, 1978.

St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering Institute.

MS in Computer Science, 1978.  

St. Petersburg 239 Liceum


Google Professional Cloud Architect

Cloudera Certified Hadoop Administrator.

Java Programmer Certification, SUN.

MSCD (C++, VB path) Certification (Microsoft).

Publications & Misc

Reviewer for "Practical Data Analysis, Second Edition", 2016, Packt.

Reviewer for "Hadoop Operations and Cluster Management Cookbook", 2013, Packt.

Reviewer for "Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop", 2013, Packt.

Reviewer for "Securing Hadoop", 2014, Packt.

Reviewer for "Practical Data Analysis", 2013, Packt.

Reviewer for "Learning Cassandra for Administrator", 2014, Packt.

Reviewer for "Cassandra Design Patterns", 2013, Packt.

Author, "Professional Java E-Commerce", WROX, 2002.

"Image Processing in Well Log Analysis", Prentice Press, 1985, reprint 2014.

Three US Patents for computer software/well log analysis.

Mensa Member since 1983

IEEE Member since 1980

ABA Member since 2013