Children’s Kiva Montessori School

Elementary/Middle School - Board of Directors Meeting

08.15.16 at 6:30 pm – 18 N. Beech

Approved by the BOD on 09.19.16

  1. Call to Order: Nate called the meeting to order at 6:58 pm.

  1. Roll Call: Nate Seeley, President; Julie Suckla, Vice President; Tamia Hurst, Secretary; Chad Fish, Treasurer; Kathy Clark, Member

Absent from BOD: Kathy Stemmler, Member; JenniLynn Lawrence, Member

Staff: Susan Likes, HOS

  1. Vision – Children’s Kiva Montessori School will provide a vibrant and engaging learning environment based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori that supports all students’ academic excellence and ability to become empowered, creative, lifelong learners responsible for themselves, their community, and their environment.

Mission - Children’s Kiva Montessori School uses authentic Montessori Methods, Community-Based educational approaches, and integrated academics (STEAM) to support student academic success, responsibility, and independence.

Montessori Moment – Chad

Volunteer for next Montessori Moment (TBD at meeting) – Susan

  1. Approval of the Previous Minutes
  1. 07.18.16 - Regular Meeting

Julie moved to approve the minutes as written, seconded, no discussion, approved unanimously.  Motion carried.

  1. Approval of Agenda: Tamia moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded, no discussion, all approved.  Motion carried.

  1. Community Member Forum
  1. n/a

  1. Staff Comments
  1. n/a

  1. Reports:

  1. Board President (Nate)
  1. Report (Verbal) - Nate read a letter of resignation from Kathy Stemmler.  The board sadly accepted the resignation.
  1. Budget & Financial Oversight Committee (Chad)
  1. Report

  1. Head of School (Susan)
  1. Report
  1. Need trucks on Wednesday evening to haul storage items
  1. Chad will come with a truck
  2. Kathy C will check on a van
  1. Need grills on Thursday
  1. Kathy, Chad, and Nate will bring grills
  1. Discussed truancy
  1. Susan will present expectations to parents at the Back to School night.
  1. Opt out form for parents
  1. Susan: prepare more information to be included with the opt out forms.
  1. Back to School presentation

  1. Finance Director (Susan - standing in for Aaron)
  1. Report

  1. Fundraising Committee (Julie)
  1. Review proposed fundraising policy.  Second Meeting - “the proposal shall be presented for a first reading, discussion and first vote” (See RE-1 policy BG - School Board Policy Process)
  1. Chad moved to approve the first reading and vote of the Fundraising Policy.  Motion seconded.  Nate asked for clarification on making amendments once it has gone through a first reading.  It was agreed that amendments can be made.  Motion carried.
  1. Fundraising Discussion - Kathy C.
  1. Previously raised funds to go toward a play structure will remain earmarked for a play structure.
  2. Additional fundraising ideas: Reading-a-thon/Book Fair
  3. Kathy C: take the fundraising ideas back the Development and Fundraising Committee for further consideration and details.
  1. Discussion of procedure and form
  1. No further discussion.
  1. First vote (Will receive a second vote at next meeting if the vote passes.)
  1. See motion VIII.e.i.1
  1. Building and Location Committee (Julie)
  1. Update on location search
  2. Transition the Justice Center investigation from the Committee to the Board.

  1. New Business
  1. None

  1. Shared Board Information
  1. Google for Education

  1. Calendaring – BOD President
  1. Upcoming events
  1. Back to School BBQ, August 18 @ 5:30 pm
  2. First Day of School, August 24
  3. Montessori Philosophy Night, September 27
  1. Next BOD meeting
  1. 09.19.16 at 6:30 pm

  1. Status of previous meeting’s action items – Tamia
  1. Development Committee: create a strategic plan for fundraising/spending… “Financial Summit
  2. JenniLynn needs to have modules completed by September 30, 2016.
  3. JenniLynn will look into the possibility of getting an exemption and/or grant on upgrading to Energy Standards in an existing building.

  1. Review all Action Items – Tamia
  1. Next Montessori Moment - Susan
  2. Susan: prepare more information to be included with the opt out forms.
  3. Kathy C: take the fundraising ideas back the Development and Fundraising Committee for further consideration and details.

  1. Items for Future Agenda(s)
  1. Fundraising Policy, final approval - September
  2. Curriculum Committee: create an agreement for pre-assessment for the 2017-18 school year.  Talk with Karleen Walton. – August 2015
  3. Financial Policies and Procedures – TBD
  4. Approval of Community Goals and Expectations – TBD

  1. Adjournment: Tamia moved to adjourn the meeting, unanimously approved.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm.

Prepared by Tamia Hurst, BOD Secretary

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