Universal Human Experience : Final EdCafes

Friday, June 14

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Session 1

Evan Smith - Emotions and their Influence on Decision Making

Emotions, if you let them take over, is the death of logic.


How happiness is a UHE and is essential to everyday life.

Happiness is universal, but people choose to abuse or cherish it.

Lauren Hennessy- Getting overpowered by fear results in the loss of self-control.

Fear takes over all of your emotions, even if you don’t want to be afraid.

music and literature help us understand one another- Tim Clark

The ideas of music are universal human experiences.

Session 2

Mike Mullally- A controlling figure’s hatred for powerless people and their foundations of individuality creates a society of violence, fear, and animosity.

When hate is used as a tool of control, society won’t survive.

Cameron Scigliano:Achieving knowledge from an external source is vital in the process of understanding oneself.

Knowledge can affect a person’s perspective on their own life.

Ashley Dillon- Friendship can change a person’s personality enough to influence their actions.

Any type of relatinoships you have with someone can change you. `

Emily Nickerson-long lasting circumstances change our thinking

Be aware of how circumstances change you.  

Monday, June 17

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Session 1

Olivia Ayre - When a person is dealing with sadness, it can either ruin their being or push them to grow stronger and move forward.

The person who is dealing with sadness decides whether or not it makes or breaks them.

Sarah O’Keefe- Without overcoming it, fear can lead to the failure or demise of a person, society, or culture.

The fear can lead to more fear of other people - becomes a cycle of fear

Chayce Reed- Individuality is the idiosyncrasy that regulates whether an entity is a hero, or a villain.  

Individuality is essential to creating a balanced society

Joe Kearney- To better the chances of success, people inflict pain for what they see as a “just cause” to gain happiness.

Perspective alters what a ‘just cause’ is and whether or not people deserve pain.

Session 2

Sam Marino- An accumulation of negative emotions lead to frustration which can lead to greater consequences

greater consequences don’t have to be negative - can also be positive to motivate you

Nivi Mohanraj - Depression can deprive a person of their innocence and humanity causing them to resort to violent methods.

Way react to depression is your choice.

Sam Letendre - Accepting the mortality of friendships and relationships is crucial to maintain physical and emotional health.

Focusing on the survival of oneself allows them to accept the death of others

Leo- To reach a lifelong goal while under the command of an unjust ruler, those who cannot rebel need help in order to reverse society

Being provided assistance leads to a pathway of success

Alex Moody- An individuals strive for happiness is lost in their ill conceived efforts.

Tuesday, June 18

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Session 1

Lauren Washburn-

Happiness is a feeling derived from several emotions, but without recognition of unhappiness, happiness is difficult to find.

People create their own definition of happiness.

Allie Rogers-

Failure can create many emotions but overall, determination seals the wound leading to success and achievement

You can have personal success, but it can affect others.

Chad -

Violent Foreign conflicts cause devastation to a society or an individual

There’s only hope when a group perseveres to overcome the conflict.

Dan Sullivan -

When an unfair or poor leader succeeds the society as a whole fails.

The quality of a leader directly affects whether a society fails.

The fears, and disappointment, and power that love conveys leads to the deep destruction of others and yourself.

Kaleigh R.

The power of love has the ability to trigger many emotions.

Session 2

Alyssa Richard - People fall in love based off the different experiences they face during the crucial points in their life, thus making each sequence of love falling in love new.

Everyone controls their own definition of falling in love, based off their own lives.

Josh Shea

Failure is inevitable for a society that abuses the rights of its people.

Failure corrects society and eliminates governments and rulers that abuse their citizens.

Joel Burrelli-

Along with guilt  comes a change   moral compass

Violating one's own morals can affect other people outwardly.

Cian Gulsen  -

The will to survive, accompanied by a hope or dream, is crucial to survival.

There’s no point in fighting for survival if you don't have a dream to accomplish .

 Maggie Prendergast  - Pain is inevitable, and without it, there is no way to learn from our mistakes.

Pain is an unavoidable necessity and without recognition, you can’t learn from it.

To do:

- display your annotated handouts on your desk (with your name)

- collect intellectual work

- get writing folder

- choose two pieces that you will include in your Writing Folder