Powder Coat Colors

Frances framesets are powder coated by Jeremy at Powder Coat it.  I’m glad to finally have a good local coater and he’s doing great work.

Custom RAL colors available for $50 charge.  You can view a color chart Here.  Be aware that colors on a screen are likely not accurate.  Even if you go and look at a swatch, colors can look different once they’re on the bike.

Metallic, Sparkle, or Clear Coat: Brings out the luster of the color and adds an additional protective layer for the frameset.  Up-charge varies: for a standard frameset, roughly $65. More for bigger bikes, racks, stem, etc.

Wet paint is available with up-charges starting at $225 and continuing to rise sharply with detailing, multiple colors and clear coats. Fancy paint really isn’t my thing, but there are some great painters in the neighborhood.

Current colors in use:

Deep woods Green -- PSS 760 -- sample Deep Woods Green.jpg

Reseda Green -- RAL6011 -- sample Reseda Green.jpg

May Green -- RAL 6017     -- sample  May Green.jpg

Night Blue -- RAL 5022 -- sample w/sparkle  Night Blue.jpg

Sky Blue -- RAL 5015 -- sample  sky blue.jpg

Light Blue        -- RAL 6027 -- sample  light blue.jpg 

Curry Yellow -- RAL 1027        -- sample  curry.jpg 

School Bus Yellow -- RAL 4334 -- sample schoolbus yellow.jpg

Coors Can Beige -- RAL 1001        -- sample  Coors Can Beige.jpg

Creamy White -- RAL 1015 -- sample  Creamy White.jpg

Atomic Tomato -- PSS-6929 -- sample atomic tom tag.jpg 

Dark Brown -- RAL 8014 -- sample  dark brown.jpg 

Basalt Grey -- RAL 7012 -- sample  basalt grey.jpg

Trailer Black -- Cardinal 60% Blk -- Sampleswatch.jpg