September 4, 2016 WSCA Board Meeting

Board in attendance: Jeff Demmon, Dave Hamilton, John Headley, Scott Muirhead. Quorum established.

Association Members in attendance: Jim Darby, Jeff Spivey, John Thorpe, Don Remer, Dave Jefferies, Lynn Curry.

Financial update

The 2016 budget was discussed with YTD numbers presented. Discussion on why there were not as many targets thrown in 2015 and 2016 (YTD) were explained. An explanation was given as to the distribution of funds for Youth shooting on both Eastern and Western Washington.

Jeff Spivey suggested WSCA set a specific month for the upcoming year state shoot. Jeff Demmon explained that if there is competing clubs for the state shoot, then WSCA can set the month, but there haven’t been multiple clubs submitting bids so the single club submitting its bid can suggest what month best suits their interest.

2017 State Championship

Jeff Spivey presented GFGC 2017 State Shoot proposal. The proposal was reviewed and approved.

WSCA to post announcement on website and social media.

WSCA looking to continue dialog with all clubs to secure 2018 Washington State Championship.

Proposal for Club Target Fee Payments

Explained idea/proposal made by one club to pre-pay WSCA for target fees then subtract from their target fee “account” on a shoot by shoot participation basis. Motion approved to try this idea/proposal on a trial basis with the respective club. Dave to work directly with the club to work out WSCA requirements/procedures.

Member/Club Survey

There was discussion about the purpose and the mechanics for conducting surveys. Agreed to table this topic.

2017 Shoot Schedule

The schedule for the 2017 shoot season will be sent out to the clubs. Clubs to work with Linda on scheduling concerns.

WSCA Board

Jeff Demmon resigned as President of WSCA due to moving out of the state effective today. Scott Muirhead assumes the role as President of WSCA.

The following board position is now vacant: Vice President. Anyone who might be interested in this role should contact a board member.



End of meeting