Collaboration Guidelines

Definition of Collaboration: Collaboration is the process of various groups or individuals working together and typically involves joint planning, shared duties, shared resources, and a shared understanding of issues and goals.

Guidelines for Collaboration:

  1. A request for collaboration should be put forth via e-mail to the Director of Communications with the subject line “Collaboration Request” with the conditions and specifications established by all organizations  in accordance to guidelines, with the approval of the At least one member from the organization requesting collaboration must make a formal proposal.
  2. Organizational Collaboration is available between organizations who are fall in line with Uaptsd.orgs theory of anarcho syndicalists/anarcho feminists or an anti imperialism/anti colonialism analysis, campaigns and direct actions in the abolishment of law enforcement and prisons, centering those directly affected (i e.VICTIMS/The Victimized AND SURVIVING FAMILIES)           
  3. will vote (based on consensus) to accept or reject the collaboration.
  4. Once accepted to collaborate, and the requesting organization will then agree to the collaboration via email as written documentation.
  5. The requesting organization will be obligated to respect political differences by or the withdrawal from agreement to collaborate for any of the following conflict of interests

but not limited to

  1. Endorsing any politician or political party or promoting people to vote. .
  2. Safety of individuals at any given time being compromised, through actions and/or behaviors of individuals of representing organizations. (i.e. security culture)
  3. Working directly with Individuals who are current and/or former law enforcement or any collaboration with law enforcement, of any and all institutions of police, prisons and jails.
  4. Anything that disrupts/impedes with’s original duties/commitments to the community of San Diego County of civilian monitoring of police and reporting.

Uaptsd.orgs logo and/or like messaging as agreed to, must be placed on all promotional materials for collaborating events.