Fortune’s Wing:

Second Flight



Nicole E. Woolaston



















Fortune’s Wing:

Second Flight






Copyright 2002, 2011, 2014, 2015 Nicole E Woolaston/ Woolaston Entertainment

ISBN: 978-1-5118-0082-2


No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author. This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and incidents are either the work of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.






For Mom: Thanks for believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.


For Anyone with a Dream:  NEVER NEVER GIVE UP


























1. A Second Flight                                                                               11

2. The Winged Seven Rises Again                                               17

3. Terror in the Woods                                                                 21

4. Open Your Mind                                                                                 27            

5. The Smell of Failure                                                                            33

6. Distant Friend Kazumi                                                             37

7. When Best Friends Attack                                                       41

8. Manipulation                                                                                       45

9. The Onnashari Clan                                                                 53

10. The Oracles and the Child                                                     62

11. Seynoma Returns                                                                   70

12. Out at Sea                                                                                      76

13. The End of the Earth                                                                     80

14. The Power of the Wing Pendant                                            82

15. Square One                                                                                        87


Bonus Material: Preview of Valentine 2                                                   91















He who possesses the Wings, shall control the fate of the World…








A Second Flight




                Fortune Oyama tossed and turned in his bed, clutching his bed sheets and mumbling something inaudible in his sleep.  In his dreams, he was running down a desolate street, where cars had been overturned, buildings had collapsed, and humanity ceased to exist.  He called for his sister, Haverdy, but didn’t get a response.  He turned a corner and continued to run.  Every street he came upon was the same.  He slowed to a halt, and stood, catching his breath.  “Haverdy?!”

                A female voice finally answered.  “She’s gone, Fortune. They’re all gone.”

                Fortune looked all around him.  “Who said that?” he asked.  “Where are you?”

                “You had a choice to make, and you chose to end it all.  Now you must live with your decision.”

                “What choice?” Fortune asked.  “What are you talking about?”

                “You chose to end it all, Fortune.”

                Fortune ran from building to building, searching for the source of the voice.  “Where are you?!” he demanded.  “Where’s Haverdy? Where’s my sister?”

                “You chose to end it all…”

                At that moment, he woke up, and sat up in his bed.  Looking around, Fortune realized he was in his room.  However, the images from the dream were still fresh in his mind.  His dreams were changing; becoming more intense.  At first, the dreams had only been about a ruined world.  Now, a voice was telling him about a choice.  And Haverdy---where was Haverdy?

                Fortune had only been home for three weeks since his first journey to find the Right Wing.  Some days, he wondered if any of it had been real.  Then he would look at the golden Wing Pendant in the top drawer of his dresser.  The memories of Adam, the black ship, Breaker Island, the Golden City and the Tower of the Wings would resurface.  He’d realize, they were more than just memories.

                Fortune climbed out of his bed, and walked over to his window.  He looked out at the street.  He wondered about Adam; where he was and how he was.  He said he would return when it was time for Fortune to begin his second journey.  When would that be?

                He opened his window, and let some of the hot July air inside.  Today, he would spend time with his sister and their friends.  Today, he would put his thoughts about the Wings and his dreams aside, and just be a normal teenager.  He showered, got dressed, and went downstairs to the kitchen.  His family was seated around the kitchen table.  Haverdy was sitting with her arms folded on the table, her chin resting upon them.  She looked up at her brother with an expression which said, “save me”.

                “Good morning,” Fortune said.

                “Good morning, son,” Mr. Oyama said, taking a sip of his coffee.

                Mrs. Oyama sighed. “Morning,” she said, dryly.  “Maybe you can talk some sense into your sister.”

                Fortune cocked an eyebrow.  Haverdy rolled her eyes.

                “I just wish you would dress more like a girl,” Mrs. Oyama said.

                Haverdy looked down at her baggy jeans and white polo shirt.  “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” she asked.

                “Nothing,” Fortune said, quickly.  He walked over to the refrigerator, opened it, and took out an apple.  He took a bite of it and said, “Ready to go?”

                “Definitely,” Haverdy said.  She stood up from the table, and followed her brother out of the kitchen and out of the house. “Thanks, Fortune,” she said, once they were outside.

                “No problem,” Fortune said.

                “You know what Mom and Dad think of me,” Haverdy said.

                Fortune shook his head.  “Don’t worry about what they think,” he said.  “You know who you are, and I know who you are.  That’s all that matters.”  He smiled, and put his arm around his sister.










                The Oyamas walked to a nearby park, where their friends were waiting for them.  When Tony saw Haverdy, he laughed, and said, “Look who’s here!  Fortune and his little brother!”

                “Ha ha,” Haverdy said, narrowing her eyes at him.  “You know, you really should consider a career in stand-up comedy.  You’re just so funny.”

                “I know, right?” Tony said.

                “Ignore him, Haverdy,” Esrieve said.   “What are we doing today?”

                “Movie!!” Ringo declared.  “The AMC has the best air conditioning.”

                “But we’ve already seen everything that’s out,” Fortune said.

                Haverdy shrugged her shoulders.  “Then I guess we’ll have to see something twice,” she said.  “Only trouble is, that place doesn’t open until eleven.”

                “So we have to kill two hours?” Esrieve whined.  “That sucks!”  She bounced over to Fortune and hugged his arm.  “What are we gonna do for two hours?”

                Fortune didn’t respond.  He was staring at a small, elderly gentleman, dressed in a suit, standing across the street.  Suddenly a bus drove by, and after it had passed, the elderly man was gone.

                “I think I just saw Adam,” Fortune whispered.

                Narumi stepped forward, and stood beside him.  “I saw him, too,” she said.

                “That old guy really freaks me out,” Ringo said.

                “That had to be him,” Fortune said.  “If he’s here, then that means----”

                “It’s time for your second journey,” Haverdy said, looking at  her brother through worried eyes.

                Tony sighed.  “So much for seeing the Fourth of July fireworks,” he said.






                Fortune and Haverdy didn’t get home until later that evening.  They came in through the front door, and casually called “hello” to their parents.  They were about to head upstairs, when Mr. Oyama called to them from the living room.

                “Kids?” he said.  “Can you come in  the living room, please? There’s-----there’s something we need to talk to you about.”

                Fortune and Haverdy exchanged worried glances as they entered the living room.  Their parents were sitting side by side on the couch, with stern looks on their faces.  Haverdy looked down at the coffee table and gasped softly.  She nudged her brother with her elbow.  Fortune looked down, and noticed his and Haverdy’s swords, lying side by side.

                “I found those in your rooms earlier today,” Mrs. Oyama said.  She folded her arms.  “I was about to do the laundry, and I was looking for dirty clothes.  Those things were under your beds.”

                “Where did they come from?” Mr. Oyama asked.  “And why do you have them?  Why do you have swords?”

                Fortune gulped, and Haverdy looked away.  He felt her hand slip into his, and squeeze it.  Haverdy turned to Fortune; her green eyes wide with fear.  He wondered how he could possibly explain the swords.  How could he make his parents understand?

                “Fortune Gregory Oyama?” Mr. Oyama said.  “I want an answer.”  He leaned forward a little.  “Say something!”

                Mrs. Oyama leaned forward, too.  “Haverdy? Well?”

                “Perhaps I can be of some assistance,” a voice said.

                Both Fortune and Haverdy stepped aside, and a small figure entered the room.  He was dressed in a dark brown suit, and his silver hair was neatly combed back.  Fortune smiled thankfully.  “Adam,” he said. Mr. and Mrs. Oyama sat back and stared at Adam.  Mr. Oyama cocked his head to one side, and said, “Dad? Is that you?”

                Adam slowly nodded his head, and uttered  a single word: “Sleep.”  Both Mr. and Mrs. Oyama closed their eyes, and their heads slumped forward.  Adam turned to Fortune and Haverdy.  “You needn’t worry about them,” he said.  “They’re asleep.   When they wake up, they won’t remember any of this.”

                “Are you sure?” Haverdy asked.

                “That was you  I saw earlier, in the park, wasn’t it?” Fortune said.

                “Yes, it was me,” Adam said.  “I’m here, because it’s time for you to begin your Second Flight.”

                “What?” Fortune said.

                Adam smiled at him.  “Your second journey,” he clarified.  “The one which will determine the fate of the world.  I trust your friends will accompany you?”

                “Of course!” Haverdy declared.  “When are we leaving?”

                “Right now,” Adam replied.  “Pack your belongings and grab your swords.  We’ll go pick up your friends, and be on our way.”

                Fortune nodded, then looked over at his parents.  He wished he could tell them where he was going; what he was doing.

                “I know what you’re thinking, Fortune,” Haverdy said.  “But they wouldn’t get it.  They barely understand me , so they definitely won’t understand the fact that you’re going to save the world.”

                Fortune smiled at his sister.  “You’re right,” he said.  “Let’s go.”