Alpha 12 Mod List

by Skissor

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User Interface Mods

(Mods which add more interface options)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description



This Mod allows you to change the way the game chooses Apparel of colonists. Instead of always choosing Apparels with better armor, you can choose to prioritize other attributes, such as social impact, research, or crafting skills.


Auto Seller

This mod adds the ability to Auto Sell items from the trade window using a set of editable rules.  These rules can be created and edited via the Autosell Tab.


Colony Manager V2

A way to better manage your colony by assigning global bills, hunting jobs, forestry jobs and animal handling jobs.

Fluffy (l2032)

EdB Interface UI Mod

This is a user interface mod for RimWorld that makes several adjustments to the game's user interface.


EdB Prepare Carefully

Customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare carefully for your crash landing. Spend your available points on additional colonists, skill points, passions, resources, weapons and apparel.


Enhanced Tabs

Adds more functionality to the colonists’ Work Tab: sorting by average skill, copy/paste functionality, increase/decrease priority of a job for all colonists, and drag jobs on/off in the simplified view.

Adds more functionality to the Animal Tab: Gender and lifestage icons, butchery designations, able to sort by name, gender, life stage/age, body size (meat), and can rename (named) pets!

Fluffy (l2032)


Customizable overview tab with up to 10 values at once and supports stats, skills and needs. Has Prisoner and medical controls and equipment overview


Pawn State Icons

Shows small health-tracking icons near all of your colonists and prisoners. Allows you to control your colonists more precisely.


Storage Search

It enables you to search in storage filter tree for desired items. After typing three characters in search box it flattens tree structure and shows matching Things.


Miscellaneous Mods

(General Mods)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description


A2B: conveyor belts & co.

A reliable conveyor belt system. Includes a universal 'Loader', 'Unloader',  'Splitter',  'Merger',  'Selector', 'Undercover' & ‘Undertaker’, and more.


A Dog Said...

Core-friendly animal surgery & prosthetics.


Animal Hide Working

This mod adds the ability to make rugs out of animals as well as being able to taxidermy them and install them as art sculptures in your base


AstroTec Labs: Off-world Mining

This mod allows off-world asteroid mining by adding new research, workstations and items.


Brunayla's Security Co

Adds Embrasures, Mannable Turrets, Medicine Kit Crafting, MIRV Artillery, Weapon Crafting, Organ Replacement Production, Bionic Replacement, and more.


Can I Brew It?

This mod adds new alcoholic beverages, based on the plants available from farming. They are crafted at the Brewery. Can brew Vodka, Wine, Bourbon, Tequila, and Sake.


Canned Food

This mod adds a variety of canned food to the game.  Canned food options include veggies, meat, and soylent green. Canned food is a meal that doesn't need to be frozen and won't spoil.



A mod that adds various domesticated, wild and even “legendary” cats to RimWorld. Adds stuff related to cat activities.

Fluffy (l2032)


A small mod that adds a collection of small furniture to the game.


Combat Realism

Extensive overhaul of the game's combat to make it both more realistic and more tactical and engaging.


Crash Landing

This mod changes the game start. It adds a new event, that drop a different spaceship parts on the landing site from the sky. Pods with colonists, containers with resources, engines with flammable fuel, and other useful and dangerous things.


Eierlegende Wollmilchsau

Adds a new animal. “In germany there is a proverbial animal called "Die Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" - the egg laying wool milk pig. Now we have it here.” -JuliaEllie


Enhanced Development

Includes Reverse cycle Cooler, Stargate, Personal Shields, Wireless Power, etc.


EnviroSeed SK

EnviroSeeds require you to use Seeds to grow your crops. They can be Bought from the bulk merchant and occasionally drop when you harvest wild plants.


Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

This mod gives you the ability to craft your own prostheses and artificial organs.


Extended Woodworking

This mod extends trees so that they drop different types of wood based on the tree they are. Also allows you to paint wood into 6 different colours.


Glitter Tech

This mod includes adding a selection of high tier advanced items. You have new threats. Items come from the new factions, and black market traders.


Grenade Mortars

Handheld explosive mortars. They can fire 8 "grenades" per burst at up to 50 meters. Has a somewhat fast cool down for a mortar. Additional automated turret versions.


Heavy defences

A small mod that adds a number of defences. It is in its early stages so any feedback is highly appreciated.



It allows your colonists to convince visitors to join your faction! Of course there is a price to pay. Should you be successful, it will annoy the visitor's faction.



Adds some heavy industries to the game, e.g. concrete, mine, nuclear power plant and new trader ship "deep space mining ship".



All weapons and apparels have a chance to get infused. They will have its own label, various stat buffs and color coded overlay. Note that enemies might carry infused equipment too.


Marvin's Hot and Cold Pack

Hot and Cold Minification - Production tables are portable. Turrets and a needlegun can be built at the smithing table.

Hot and Cold Biomes - More challenging tundra, desert and arid shrubland.

Less Incident Trolling - Solar flares no longer happen during eclipses. Also, slightly less incident spam.

Manti - An miniature anti-matter reactor.

Modded Charge Lance - Scythers have a shorter-range charge lance, less damage but can fire quicker. Centipedes may now sport the Charge Cannon, which is a two-shot charge lance with similar stats to the original charge lance but still less damage. The charge cannon can be wielded by humans but of course like the minigun there is a move speed penalty.

Harsher Map Conditions - Cold Snap, Heat Wave, and Volcanic Winter all last longer and have greater effects. Solar Apocalypse added.

Raid Sanity - Raiders and friendlies consider a narrower range of temperatures before stopping by to say 'hi' or 'ur going to burn.' ;)


Matter Converter

Convert unwanted clothing, corpses, chunks, etc. into raw matter, then convert the raw matter into various useful resources.


Mechanical Defense 2

This mod aims to add new and wonderful technologies for your colony to utilise. From autonomous droids to do your every bidding to coal-burning power.



This mod allows colonists to repair damaged items. It adds a 'mending' work type and a mending workbench where the work takes place.


Miscellaneous w MAI+Robots

Contains various independant mods such as: MAI, Tactical Computer, Nano Storage 'n' Replication, Weapon Base, Draining Pump, Trader, Archery, Artefact, Anomaly, Rumors, Colonist Positioning 'n' Groups, and BrainPals.



PopCap+ increases the total population cap to around 250 colonists, although levels off a bit for an average of 25.



This mod expands the available power switch with a few automatic functions: Manual switching, An automatic pawn in room switch on, An automatic pawn nearby switch on, An automatic enemy found switch on/off


Prison Meals

This mod adds two new types of food, mostly targeted toward prisoners to solve the current problem that wardens give the best food available to the prisoners, and there is no way to choose the type of food you want to give.


Project Fallout

This mod is a tribute to the Fallout series of games, and also in anticipation of Fallout 4. Currently contains 27 weapons (14 pistols, 12 rifles, and 1 melee).


Recycle Apparel

Recycle (most) Apparel into usable textiles via a machine.



Adds working duct system and two additional temperature controller buildings. Includes VentUpgrader.


Right Tool For The Job

This mod adds 3 types of tools to the game to speed up specific areas of a colonists work speed.



Adds 27 pistols, SMGs, carbines, shotguns, rifles, machineguns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers to Rimworld.



Adds a variety of futuristic weapons and armors styled after several themes.



Stargate themed mod. Adds three new factions to the game: Apophis Forces, Anubis Forces, Ra's Forces. Adds 4 weapons and 4 new helmets as well as the classic Jaffa body armor and the golden body armor.


The Romance Mod

A modification to Rimworld that adds romance for pawns.

Lord Fappington

Tools For Haul

Adds a cart that colonists can use for hauling items, and a backpack accessory that can hold 1~6 items.


USCM weapons and equipments

This mod introduces weapons and armors of the alien franchise, plus a new USCM trader selling Surplus USCM armors and weapons.


Vegetable Garden

Adds  Blueberries, Eggplants, Squash, Pumpkins, Carrots, Tomatoes, Beans, Watermelon, Wheat, Sugarcane, Cocoa beans, Aloe, Tea, Bamboo, Apples, Oranges, Pineapple, Grapes, Peaches, and Mushrooms. This means also new meals, recipes, textiles, stoves, ovens and joy objects.


Warhammer 40k Weapons

Warhammer 40k inspired. Adds a variety of weapons and equipment.


Wonka Corp

Make your colony a chocolate factory! Adds growable crops: sugarcane & cocoa. Adds refinement for sugar & cocoa powder. Adds chocolate manufacturing & crating


World of Kalashnikov

Adds 8 new weapons. Kalashnikovs and additional modifications including hunting version and the first prototype SMG-K42.


Individual Modlists

(Authors who published several Mods in one thread)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description


BangUDie's Misc

Snow Machine: Adds a simple machine that creates a 5x5 area with snow.

Hunter’s Weapon: Adds a gun with low range to mitigate hunting accidents.

Sellable Furniture: All Vanilla Beds modified so they can be sold to exotic traders.

Made of Meat: Adds a new resource Meat Blocks and a Flesh Modification Table to the game.


cuproPanda's Mods

Many small mods and many add new objects and activities that bring joy to colonists.


e's small mods

Do Not Disturb: Pawns forbid their room doors from other pawns for privacy.

Mine Vein: A handy tool to designate an entire vein of resources to be mined at once.

Mountain Temp: Just below the surface of the planet, the rock is a fairly stable 15C.  During the harshest months, having a completely natural roof over a room can mean the difference between life and death.

Smooth Wall: After researching stone cutting you can carve out a new environment by smoothing the walls.  Because they are solid rock, don't expect to build anything under them.


Fluffy's Small Mods

Animal Ranged Verbs Unlocker: Allows modders to put ranged attack verbs on animals.

Dirt Before Snow: Very simple tweak to prioritize cleaning dirt over snow.

No Colonist Left Behind!: Take your faithful companion with you into outer space.

Medical Info: Get an overview of your pawns health, with loads of extra functionality.

Quick Start: Takes starting a new game from 5+ to just 2 clicks.

Area Unlocker: Removes the limit on the amount of areas that can be created.

Fluffy (l2032)

Ish's Medieval Mods

These mods add more medieval era content to the game, So far there are four mods:

Ish's Medieval Weapons

Ish's Medieval Armor

Ish's Medieval Defenses

Ish's Medieval Factions: Noble House


ItchyFlea's Small Mods

Modular Tables, Target Practise, Log Walls, Stone Cutting Tweak, RTG's, Medical Training, More Metal Floors, Capsule Reactor, Fences.


Latta's small mods

FixBone: Fix your colonist's bone.

Gardening: Who doesn't like additional flowers?

Soiling: Make your soil ground.

Brighten: You need to build a lamp.

Expanded History: Food and power graph.

DoorMat: Feet cleaner.

Global Temperature Controller: Make temperature harsher or softer.

Animal Surgery Activator: Enables animal health window's operation tab.

No Cleaning Please!: Separate cleaning function from home zone.


Rikiki's Miscellaneous

Fish Industry: adds fishing to the game, from simple fishing pier to the advanced aquaculture basins.

Caveworld Flora: Adds 3 kinds of cave plant that will liven your dark caves. Each plant has it’s own unique properties.

Mechanoid Terraformer: adds a mysterious event. This does not sounds good at all…

Campfire party: This mod adds a pyre to organize campfire parties.


Rikiki's M&Co.

M&Co. MMS: adds a device able to scan mountains for ore.

M&Co. Mining Helmet: adds a mining helmet to help you mine more efficiently.

M&Co. Alert Speaker: adds an alert speaker that warns your colonists of threats, granting them with an adrenaline boost.

M&Co. Laser Fence: adds an advanced laser fence to get rid of pesky critters roaming your potato farm!

M&Co. Forcefield: a forcefield that protects your colony from projectiles.

M&Co. Outpost Generator: adds a pseudo-random outpost generator.

(All require M&Co. Common)


Skullywags Defensive mods

Adds various defense-oriented mods; Defense Shields, Embrasures, Medieval Shields, Personal Shield MKII, Power Armor MKII, and Blasting Charges.


Skullywags Misc mods

Additional Lighting: Ceiling, wall and path lamps that use less energy than vanilla and can be colored.

Production Stuffed: Allows you to use different resources when crafting production items/structures.

Extended Fabrics: Cotton and devilstrand plants drop raw resource for processing, allows synthread and hyperweave to be crafted.

Extended Medicine:  Allows all medicine types to be crafted via new table.

Roof Bomb: Allows removal of all roofs within a 3x3 radius, multiple may be required.

Dermal Regenerator: Allows the healing of scars.

Extended Storage: Storage buildings that use the multi-stacking technique to allow you to stack more than 75 things in a cell.


Skullywags Power mods

“Stuffs” many power-related structures. Also has a power cell that can be used to build a power generation building that produces 2000 power at the cost of some heat.


Skullywags weapon packs

4 packs of weapons types: Flame Weapons, Laser Weapons, Plasma Weapons, and Gauss Weapons.


T's Mods

This mod adds:

ExpandedCrops: Adds new fruits and vegetables, a new "model T cook stove", and "model T kitchen cupboard" that boosts work speed of a nearby model T stove.

CoreCropTweaks: Changes edible vanilla Rimworld crops to have unique colonist thoughts when eaten raw.

ExpandedCloth: Tweaks the game's cotton and cloth system.

MoreFloors: Adds 5 new styles of wooden floors, 25 styles of stone flooring, and 12 new styles of carpet flooring.

MoreBeds: Adds five new colour styles for both normal and royal beds.

ConditionRed:  Build alert lamps that glow in various colours depending on colony threat.

MiscStuff: Adds a new wall type, the scrap metal wall. Cheap and fast to build but weak.


Security Mods

(Mods which only provide additional security options)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description


Manual Turrets

This mod adds 5 new manned turrets to the game.


More Vanilla Turrets

A little mod that adds more turret variations with the attempt to keep their vanilla art style along with some careful balancing.


Turret Collection

This mod contains 11 new turrets: M2 Browning, M134 Minigun, Stun Turret, AM Turret, Cannon Turret, Chaingun Turret, Laser Turret, Avenger Turret, Howitzer Turret, Rocket Launcher, Anti-Tank Missile Launcher and 57mm Naval Gun. Also adds 2 new guns and a single-use tactical nuclear strike. Adds a spotlight tower.


Factions Mods

(Mods which only add new factions/traders)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description


Alien Ants Faction

This mod adds the 'Alien Ant' enemy faction to the game.

Currently 5 types of ants: Ant worker, Ant warrior,  Ant stinger,  Ant queen, Ant nurse


AstroTec Labs: Interstellar Trading

AstroTec Labs, in partnership with various traders and races, has created an interstellar trading network. We have standardized trade goods to boost the interstellar economy. 4 goods categories, 80+ trade goods and 12 new traders.


Texture Mods

(Mods which add or modify textures)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description


Animu Hair

Adds more hair options for colonists.


Cala13er's Realism Texture Pack

This Pack currently includes new: Blue, Red & Green Carpets, Dirt, Sand, Rough Stone, Rough Hewn Stone, Metal Tiles, Paved Tiles, Smooth Stone. This Texture pack is currently only a start, only main textures have been changed.


Individual Appearance

Mod which changes the eyes. Changes the eyes on each head shape to something unique.  Big eyes, wide-spaced eyes, narrow eyes, etc.



This texture mod changes default colonist eyes to resemble the eyes of classic JRPGs.


Weapon Effects

Adds new awesome effects to most weapons, like smoke trails for rockets and mortars, case-dropping firearms and sparking charge projectiles. Doesn't modify any stats


Other Mods

(Additional tiny implementations)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description


Community Core Library

This is a basic set of functions which modders can use to enhance their RimWorld mods. This is required if you are playing a mod which uses CCL.



This mod adds a new def type - BackstoryDefs! These let you write your own backstories which are then added into the game!


Balanced Storm Sounds

A simple mod to reduce the volume of wind and thunder during storm events.


Biome Spawn Tweak

Adds a few of the new animals into the spawn list on all biomes. Now you can find wild cows and chickens and even a Thrumbo if you look hard enough.



Moves Hay out of the food category and into the raw resources category. Having hay in the vegetable category gives a false reading on how much food a colony has.


Less Incident Trolling

Reduces the chance for some incidents, (eclipses, solar flares), to trigger and/or increases the time in between occurrences.


Mad Skills

Turns off natural skill degradation. Comes in three flavors: Straight: turns that thing off, Tiered: experience will be lost, but only to 1%, and 50%: vanilla behavior, but cut in half.



A quick fix to allow tamed animals to nuzzle colonists. (Bug still present in version 0.12.914)


Mods awaiting update

(Popular Mods starting from A11 which weren’t updated yet!)

Mod Name (A-Z)

Mod Description


RimWorld Zombie Apocalypse

Adds Zombies as a new enemy faction and adds new challenges to the game when fighting them.