Board Meeting 3/5/2017 6:00 pm

Venue: Barthels’ house

Present: Tony, Peggy, Rod, Larry, Ed; Michael K-A

Guests:        Tim & Laura Barnes

Absent:         Gail, Sue, Mill, Tim

Call to Order 7:03


  1. Review Minutes From Last Meeting. Approved
  2. Review Agenda (move or add items here)
  3. Public Comments (anyone can make comments on any topic not on the agenda. No action will be taken): none
  4. Treasurer’s Report:
  1. Treasurer’s Report March 5, 2017
  2. As of 2/28/17 we have $60,797.16 in the bank in the following accounts:
  3.                     Checking                     7,971.40
  4.                     Money Market  22,762.19
  5.                     Building Fund        28,970.26
  6.                     Cash on Hand            1,025.56
  7.                     Paypal                                    67.75
  8. I finally got receipts from Bert Hutt, so I believe I have everything for Wonderful Life, and show that we made $1804.93 on it.
  9. Right now I show that we made $918.48 on the Prom. However, I was waiting for the inventory count from Peggy so I could accrue the left-over expense to Music Man, and determine how much of the liquor to expense to the Prom. As we know, she went to the storage to retrieve the count, and discovered much of it missing. You should decide at this meeting how you want to account for that; my feeling is that what is missing should be expensed to the company, not to Music Man. I believe Peggy can estimate what was used at the Prom, which I would expense to the prom, and the rest to the Company. If there is still some we can use at Music Man, I will expense that to Music Man. As of this reporting, it is all currently expensed to the Prom, so the current bottom line will change depending on what we do. We are currently $3626.42 in the black over all for the year. When my eyes don’t hurt, I will make sure everything is in, and produce the normal reports. I’m still waiting for money from Barbara Clark ($145 for tickets), and Laura Barnes ($150 sponsor?)
  10. We were billed $450 to sponsor the Josh Blair Stars award.
  11. The Paypal total isn’t accurate, as I haven’t been able to get in to see it. I believe Nani fixed it, but I’ve been sick since I talked to her about it and haven’t checked it.
  12. Last month we decided to make Rod a signer on the bank accounts, and we made an appointment to do that. When I got there they told me I needed a whole bunch of stuff, not just my word. There are papers that need to be signed by all Board members, which I was going to bring tonight. So, I guess we have to put that off until next month. It is very important that everyone be at that meeting so I can get the signatures. But I need in these minutes or next month’s that it be expressly stated Tim Barnes is no longer on the Board and that the Board appointed Rod to be co-signer. BTW, it doesn’t have to be Rod; it’s tradition that it’s the President. Secretary would be just as good. And it’s a just in case thing, as well as a signer if I am asking for reimbursement for anything.
  13. Submitted 3/5/17 by
  14. Sue Garrett
  15. We will make a special note in the reminder for the next meeting that we need everyone here to sign the bank papers
  1. Correspondence
  1. Mail: Peggy drafted “here’s a donation” letter.  Checks from Laurie Martin (photographer) and Fairgrounds
  2. The phone.  Battery is dying and VMs are difficult to manage
  1. Replace?  
  1. Tony has an iphone 6+ to donate but may need new battery.
  2. Tim B says there is no longer a data package fee
  3. Michael has a iphone 5 that is already on Verizon
  4. NO DATA would be included. Phone and wi-fi only
  5. MKA moves that we should insist that the producer use the phone. Tony seconds.  All approve. The problem is getting together to change hands.  Laura will have the phone for the next three productions and we will experiment.  Including Google voice options.
  1. Recently-received voice mails:  
  1. Peggy answered one regarding a possible new member/actress from Sonoma
  2. Feb 15: Rachel, the new Rec Manager for City of Calistoga wants to know if we want to do theater camp again this summer.  942-2844.  Peggy will forward message to John and Barbara
  1. Committee Reports
  1. Play Selection: Rod and Larry have not yet met but have discussed having a meeting.  Need a show for December.  Tim & Rod discussing taking Tuna to WIllits.
  1. No scripts have been returned, as requested in the last newsletter.  Scripts previously used or reviewed should be returned to Play Selections committee.
  1. Bylaws: nothing
  2. Fund-Raising
  1. Hamilton raffle! No report, Tim F not here.
  2. Magic show: Tim/Laura B, on agenda below
  1. Director(s) Reports
  1. Upcoming Shows
  1. Music Man: no report; Larry says it’s a little bit behind.  Need a concessions manager
  1. Sue: I cannot help as I am in show. Pizza was popular when we did it, but I didn’t like the quality of purchased pizza (I tried 2 places), and we need to turn down the warmer. Wish Tim could make us some. Any other ideas?
  1. Hot dogs. Rod will look for packettes of condiments.
  1. Peggy will walk Ed through set-up and scheduling.  Ed will work first weekend. Peggy will work second weekend.
  1. Magic Show
  1. Alvin is Act Two (45 minutes); Need Act One (30-45 minutes). Audition? Or ask someone to do it?  Auditions may bring fresh blood we don’t know about.  Maybe Mr. LC sneak-peek
  2. Tickets will be $20 and $25
  3. VIP tables or seats available prior to show for close-up and dinner $48
  4. Will cost: ~$500 for Alvin; $500 for Soper; $xx for food
  1. Mr. Lake County June 24; Sarah D an Di on board.  Soper is reserved.
  1. Tony and Laura work together on press releases
  2. Idea for big prize: a year of LC events
  3. Tim has 4 participants (3 unknowns)
  4. Running out of guys. What about bi-annual - maybe do this year and skip next year.  Everyone think about it.  We must have 8 contestants.  
  5. Need a sign-up deadline.  MAY FIRST
  6. No calendar. Maybe trading cards.
  7. Tickets $25 and $30 because Soper
  9. Auction will be done differently
  1. Shakespeare: auditions first weekend of June
  2. Producers: first production meeting last week. April 10 and 13 auditions. Leads and solos should sing a show song.
  1. Trying to get Chris Murphy for most music plus a couple live numbers.
  2. How will we handle sound and lights?  $1,000 each at Soper. Tony willing to do sound.  Peggy needs to train lights. Sept 29-Oct 15

B. Recent Shows

  1. Prom: next year move to Soper
  1. We need the email addresses from the ticket stubs
  1. Old Business
  1. Storage Clean-Out: too wet right now.  Partially done for us :-(
  2. MKA: regarding students in Music Man: MKA will make sure that students in any production have one year of membership.  Students should contact Michael.  How will they know to contact Michael?  Producers and Directors need to tell the kids.
  1. Peggy printed applications and Larry will take them to KEC tomorrow.
  2. Side note:  everyone in a show must be a member.
  1. New Business
  1. Who has storage keys? Who else might have them? Why would someone take a bunch of snacks and sodas?
  1. We should replace the locks, have a known number of keys, and have a list of where those keys are.  Rod will buy locks.
  1. Larry requests discussion about direction of LCTC board.  We are responsible to be at meetings.  What else? What if we don’t show up?
  1. Sue: There is something in the bylaws abt missing 2 or 3 meetings (can’t remember which). Can be asked to leave. Sue will email bylaws and Peggy will put them on the Google Docs
  2. Pledge: be part of everything but not everyone has. New members haven’t signed
  1. The pledge isn’t law.  Larry points out that it’s then worthless, it’s not a contract.
  1. Rod: We all do our best and we won’t kick anyone out because then nobody will do ANYthing.
  2. Decision-making
  3. We are volunteers; we can’t assign something to someone who can’t do it. Need vagueness to allow to work with things as they occur.
  4. Rod: The old saying: When you need something done, ask a busy person
  5. MKA: We are a non-profit; we are responsible for:
  1. Named members of lawsuit if one was to EVER happen (not likely but it is part of being board)  
  2. Make decisions on anything affecting organization
  3. Make mission of organization happen (vague) (other duties as assigned)
  4. Guidelines (as opposed to rules): fundraising (reminder: Barb C is helping us with grant-raising)
  1. Lip Synch 2018 (Rod): in association with chamber of commerce?  Melissa asked Rod if LCTC would be involved if Chamber brings it back. DO WE WANT TO BE? Do we want to be acts but not the organization (nothing in it for LCTC).  We could pick it up every other year (alternate with Mr. LC).  However, remember the drinking of the performers. Liability.  
  1. Tony: the reason chamber stopped is it doesn’t raise a lot.  Are Chamber standards different from ours?  They spend a lot on food, wine, etc that we would not offer
  2. Rod will meet with Melissa, see what they are offering.
  1. Scholarship (Laura Barnes).  Last few years have been one $1,000 scholarship, mainly because there weren't many applications..  If we get more than 10 applications, we can discuss adding a second; Probably $500
  2. 2017 Fair (Sue): Are we going to do it? (I’ve had it with them). If not what should we do in its place? ($7250 is our revenue from it.) - which is more than we made all year combined(ish)
  1. How can we afford not to?
  2. If we are doing it we need a point man. Someone who will communicate with the fairgrounds.  Ed, Rod and Larry will work together.  Tim has already requested time off from work to help.  He won’t be selling pizza, though he might be selling propane.
  3. Ed moved, MKA 2nd;  approved we will do fair.
  1. Set next meeting April 2, 6:00 Barthels
  2. Adjourn Larry moved, Ed second.