DHMN Organizational Meeting

June 1, 2015

Call to Order

Present: Bob T-Son, Shane G., Sim, Mike P. , Steve P. , Ross L.

Late arrivals: Jakob B.

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Paul K., Dan Brunner., Jason S., Kristin M., Tater, Mark F., Jake K., Sara K.,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Shane G.

Seconded:  Mike P.


Treasurer's Report

DHMN Treasurer's report through 5/2015:


Balances and accrued liabilities:


bank: $2142.71

stripe: $814.26

paypal: $14.25

cash: $36.15

Insurance payment accrued (51.42/mo): -621

Prepaid membership balance: -100

Shane outstanding snack reimburse: -194.82

Shane outstanding paper towels reimburse: -47.10

June rent due: -625

sublease utility obligation accrued: -266.06

Deposit takeover owed to Sim: -800

We Energies Utilities due June: -104.38

We Energies deposit due June: -792


total: $-542.99

change from last month: -1393.83


notable balance changes included above:


140.41 cash in from food

18.32 cash in from filament

86.42 cash in from donations

396 cash to shane

492.33 new owed to shane for food

47.10 owed to shane for paper towels plus dispenser

$50 to WI DFI for articles change

$75.95 to Att.

$400 to irs for 1023ez




WE Energies

$162.61      3/23-4/23

$40          4-23-4-31 ESTIMATED


  51.45      3/23-4/23

  12.00      4-23-4-31 ESTIMATED


266.06 owed so far




1 family member: Chris Jaure

Current tallies:

 3 @ Family

13 @ Full

 1 @ Full prepaid

 3 @ Student

 1 @ Student prepaid

 3 @ Limited

 1 @ Sweat Equity

Below here is not updated this month, take with grain of salt:




  870.00    current monthly membership income

-  30.21    monthly tx fees on those memberships

- 947.58    current monthly averaged outlay


Average Monthly shortfall: $107

First date we can't pay a bill: June 2016


Monthly outlay in above budget includes:


3250/yr utilities

625/mo rent

621/yr insurance

Moves to approve: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Mark F.


Old/Ongoing Business

Makerspace Board

Mark F. gave a preliminary report on board provisions.

New Business


Discussion of fundraising strategies so we are ready when our application is approved.

Shane is organizing a list.

Treasure’s Report

Mark will start reporting on the calendar month rather than from meeting date to meeting date.

Sim will be the facility manager, i.e. Space Man.


Move to Adjourn: Shane

Seconded: Steve P.