The duel: inventors awaken

By Simon Cooke

WALT: link implicit and explicit ideas together to understand text

Retell the story using maximum of three sentences

Emma goes to Grandpa’s house and finds out that Grandpa is having a duel. With his old workmate that inventoried all bad things and grandpa  invented good things. After that Grandpa  says that Emma would do the Duel with him.  

Page 16. ‘He’s flatter than a pancake’ What do you think this is trying to describe?

I think it means he down or worried.

Page 18 find explicit examples that tells Grandpa Said is feeling different today.

The house feels unfamiliar. But today, it’s strangely quiet

Read this passage and answer the following

“What’s the matter, Grandpa?” I ask.

“It’s a very long story,” he says. “Have I ever told you how I got started as an inventor?”

I shake my head. It’s one story he hasn’t told me.

Would you say Grandpa Said tells the character lots of stories? What part of the passage tells you that?

Yes because it says It’s one story he hasn’t told me.

Just from the passage above (and recalling information from page 16 to 18), why would you say that Grandpa Said is bringing up a story?

To help Emma understand the whole story

Why do you think Grandpa Said haven’t told this one story before?

Because it is a sad story.

Who is Baron von Spanner?

He was Grandpa’s old ‘helper’

What would you say would be ONE characteristic the main character should have for her successful battle against Baron von Spanner?




Grandpa Said introduces rule 3: Always think about the implications of your inventions (along with a picture)

Then says “Baron von Spanner never thinks about lesson number three”

“Worse - he doesn’t care. Always care Emma. That’s very important.”

Reading above, what do you think it means to ‘think about the implications of your inventions?

What could happen with your invention

Come up with your own creative ideas on what Baron von Spanner could invent to fight Grandpa and how could Grandpa Said and the main character counter it?

Grandpa Said and character

Baron von Spanner





 Kind words

Bad words



Predict the sequel’s title The duel: inventors awaken part 2

What could the next story be about?

They have a duel and Emma wins