Email, response to PolitiFact Texas, Steven Camarota, research director, Center for Immigration Studies, Jan. 28, 2013

455 pm

I think the 11.5 DHS estimates is a reasonable number.  Its based on a

residual analysis of Census Bureau data -- ACS.   It could be too low,

but if so it is still in the ball park in my view.  Could there be 13 million illegals in the US, yes there could.  But I cannot see how, based on administrative data like births or school enrollment the government is off by 5 or 10 million, 1 or 2 million maybe.  There is uncertainty in the numbers.  But not that big.  Here is DHS 2011 estimate.


Here is my estimate base on 2010-2011 data: see Table, 36 second column (11.7 million)