Latin II

Mr. McBride

General Course Information

Course Description

Latin II is a foreign language course which continues the study of Latin begun in Latin I. It continues to emphasize the building of a basic knowledge of Latin vocabulary, forms and grammar so that the student becomes increasingly proficient in translating the language. Understanding Latin’s influence on the English language will help students by aiding in comprehension, grammar and writing skills.

Course Objectives

To develop a basic reading proficiency in Latin:

              Translating passages from our textbook     

              Answering comprehension questions about passages read

              Learning vocabulary commonly used in any passage


To recognize the impact of Latin on the English language:

              Identifying English words derived from Latin

              Deducing meaning of English words based on the meaning of the Latin word


To gain a mastery of elementary Latin grammar:

              Translating and learning the forms and uses of verbs and nouns

              Translating Latin sentences into English

              Breaking down sentences into their various elements (subject, verb, etc)


To gain a cultural and historical understanding of the Latin peoples:

              Reading literature from the period

Introducing cultural and historical figures and events in conjunction with new grammatical concepts (through characters in passages, passages describing                 history/literature, etc)

        Comparing contemporary culture to ancient culture


To gain a greater command of the English language

              Learning advanced grammar concepts not emphasized in literature classes

              Identifying and explaining the use of advanced grammar concepts

              Aiming for translations that keep as close to Latin grammar as possible

Course Materials


Students will be expected to learn vocabulary and grammar and word formations for regular quizzes and unit tests. Students will be assigned exercises from the textbook or workbook, to be translated and handed in or corrected in class, or completed at home. Special handouts and worksheets may be given out and expected to be done. Students will be asked to write noun and verb forms and translations on the board or to give them verbally from their desks. Special class projects may be given.

Grade Breakdown

Participation & Behavior - 15%

In-class and Homework - 30%

Quizzes - 22%

Tests - 33%

Behavioral Expectations

Be Respectful - Of yourselves, of each other, of me, of your materials, of the school rules

Be Responsible - Arrive to class on time with all your materials, and with homework completed BEFORE you arrive at school.

Be Active - Participate in class activities, always give your best effort, ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT!

NOTE: The use of Google Translate, or any online translator is explicitly forbidden and will result in a 0 on that assignment.

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