Livestream Studio 3.1.30 Release Notes

New features:

Download the new feature tour PDF

NEW → Projects - ability to save, load, export, and import projects in Livestream Studio format. This includes an auto-save functionality which automatically saves current project while its parameters are being modified

NEW → Redesigned and simplified streaming module


→ Added support for large .lsgfx files (up to 64Gb)

→ H.264 encoder library update

→ Improved chroma key configuration user interface and auto functionality 

→ Improved compatibility for Blackmagic Design USB 3.0 devices

→ Various minor UI and UX improvements

Bug fixes:

→ Fixed bug that caused incorrect closed caption rendering on Apple phones and tablets

→ Fixed bug that caused video freezing when delay functionality is enabled while using webcam to capture video

→ Fixed bug that rarely caused Livestream Studio to crash when Live Interview feature is in use

→ Fixed bug that caused Livestream Studio to crash when combination of specific Wi-Fi USB sticks were in use

→ Fixed bug that caused Livestream Studio to crash when chroma key was in use on computer that does not support SSSE3 instructions

→ Fixed bug that caused Remote Camera for Windows to crash when used with specific webcams

→ Added functionality to disable media playback of recorded video for three seconds to prevent unexpected behaviors

→ Fixed bug that caused basic replay malfunction

→ Fixed bug that caused timer shortcut malfunction in GFX module when layer is copied or moved

→ Fixed bug that caused Encoding Profile for streaming not to save after Studio was restarted.

Fixed bug that caused Livestream Studio to crash when using Logitech web cameras

→ Various small bug fixes and stability improvements