Developing programming for young adults and their families

July 15, 2009                 

Introduction to LiA as a Lead to the Garden Committee, volunteer

January 2010                 

Began classes in Pet Parenting and the Seed Program (continuing)

February 2010

Presented a LiA Staff Training–Bernadine Janzen, MP Director, presenter

Outcome: before additional training for staff board must develop a safe and secure environment  which will allow the staff to feel safe and secure.

September 2010        

Letter of Agreement between LiA and Mariposa Project (MP)

August 25, 2011  

Strategic Planning with LiA – Mac Whyte, MP President, facilitating

Outcome: Identification of “Where We Want to Be”

(2 out of 8 may support the work MP could support)

Employment, job skills, life skills in place for older girls

Structure at the facility to build a better future

November 2011   

LiA Founder expressed to MP her desire for a vocational textile program which    

would teach sewing to the older girls.

December 2011    

Applied for Tax Exempt Status

January 2011       

MP participated in Needs Assessment with LiA Volunteer

June, 2012            

Dunes Manufacturing agrees to partner with MP for Textile Project

July 14, 2011         

Applied for 501 3© status in US

August, 2011         

MP began participation in a LiA Policy and Procedure Committee

MP approached Rotary with outline draft for financial support of a textile program asking for partnership in the project.

October, 2011        

Presented to the Sparks, NV. Rotary group Draft Proposal of a classroom environment for teaching

girls work skills.

November 2, 2011  

Received EIN number for non-profit

November 16, 2011    

MP supplied an Informal Assessment outlining the infrastructure development needed of the LiA board and site in order to make a textile vocational program possible.  Board approved proposal to move ahead with a Textile Class which would ready the older girls for a future textile program in 3-5 years.

February 2012           

Donations clarification for AC in Mexic

Children’s facility decided it was not prepared to commit the older girls to a vocational program.

March 1, 2012            

Applied for non-profit status checking account in USA

April 2012 – January 2014 

Continued pet parenting, APEH, seed program, cooking classes and supported a library group on children’s site.

February 2014                  

Met with children’s site to share information about use of MP volunteers.

April 2014                         

Redesign of the programming for organization

February 14, 2014        

Procurred a Accion Civil (not-for-profit in Mexico) under the name of  “Butterflies en México”.

April 14, 2014        

Obtained our tax ID number for “Butterflies en Mexico”.

February 2015

Finalized a dry food program for low-income communities

March 2015                

Vocational Skills Survey at lakeside

April 2015

Team of people gathered to organize and develop Vocational Skills

September 2016   

First Pilot of Front-of-Restaurant Apprentice

May 2015                

First Financial Development Program Team Meeting

February 2016        

Applied for “donatario” status in Mexico

January 2017

Developed curriculum for Front-of-Restaurant Apprentice Program

January 2017        

Second Pilot of Front-of-Restaurant Apprentice