Edible Landscaping: Goals Checklist

Most important goals __________________________________________________

Additional notes _________________________________________________________

What do you like to eat? (Hint: this is the most important thing to consider, list the foods you know you want to grow)

What style garden do you prefer? (circle all that apply): formal, casual, symmetrical, asymmetrical, cottage, kitchen/potager, feng shui, native only, historical, alpine/rock, shade, forest, herb, moss, geometric (knots, mazes, mandalas, etc.), orangerie (hothouse), victory, terrace, tropical, water, wildlife, nighttime, other

How important is it to keep the neighbors happy? (circle one): very, somewhat, neutral, not much, not at all

Will your design include any of these methods? (circle all that apply): natural, organic, permaculture, regenerative design, wildlife gardening, native plant gardens, endangered species protection, pollution remediation, damaged land restoration, xeriscaping, heirloom/open-pollinated seed saving, other

How important is it for your garden to be low maintenance? (Circle one): very important, slightly important, neutral, slightly unimportant, not important

What elements do you want to include in your garden? (Circle all that apply and fill in any extras): annual food crops, perennial food crops, topiaries, living fences/edging, orchards, raised beds, container plants, fences, arbors arches, trellises, obelisks, pillars, sculptures, water features, seating, outdoor entertainment, swings, hammocks, gazebos, lighting, other

How large a garden do you want? (Circle all that apply): windowsill, a few containers, a lot of containers, small container/raised beds, medium container/raised beds, large container/raised beds, small garden, medium garden, large garden, entire property

What kind of landscaping materials do you prefer? (Circle all that apply): natural/biodegradable, permanent, hardwood, rot-resistant wood, bamboo, wicker/wattle/lattice/hurdles, stone, gravel, brick, concrete, cob, rebar/reinforcing wire, wrought iron, aluminum, steel, metal (general), plastic, glass, logs, milled lumber, sand, wood chips, leaves, straw, pine needles, other

How important is it for you to incorporate found/upcycled materials in your design? (Circle one): very important, slightly important, neutral, slightly unimportant, not important

How much time do you (or your helpers) have to spend in the garden each week? (Come up with a cumulative average per day or week such as 15 minutes a day or 2 hours a week):

How strong/energetic are you or your garden helpers? (Circle one) above average, average strength, slightly strong, weak

What resources do you already have? (List anything you can think of such as time, helpers, money, materials—including seeds/plants, artistic skills, construction skills, other skills, tools, etc.)