19/05/2014 - Minutes

Meeting started at 5pm


Nic, Eb, Darren, Vanessa, Shar, Shar, Rosie. 

Nic shared his experience with a bilingual unit at College Street Normal. It was for Year 3 - 6 and it had great scaffolding for the kids with labels. We talked about it not being “us and them”.

“Inclusive bilingual” - being inclusive to the idea.

Having parents buy in to the idea through a process of research being provided by the school so  they are well informed.

Darren talked about the board would have to think about a shift in resources, or thinking of it as a priority if we bought into a bilingual programme.

Shar talked about having a Nanny - Kuia/kaumatua who is keen to awhi the unit by being “like” “teacher aide” style.

Plan to report back on David’s meeting in a months time. Date set: 16/06/2014 5pm.


Staging in the Harakeke area. Money is there $2000. Is this enough? How do we implement this? Vanessa suggested a “design competition”. Whaea Rosie does have some designs that were completed last year.

- cricket nets need to move (can this happen? Find out). This will be for performance purposes and this will be in the way.

- tree needs to go! This sucks up vital nutrients for the harakeke

- plant along the fence line as a noise barrier.

- whare rehia - performing arts/storytelling/ area.

- we talked about David’s idea about pou as the final detail to the harakeke. Families could design and paint their pou to add to the fence.


How can we bring the community together?

- concert. Showcase the new people. School Band. Ukulele. Pizza!

- create something?

- Darren has composed a song about matariki we could use?


- Ropes! Asking him to help.

- Can each teacher be responsible for one or two parents helpers

- Break down jobs for hangi - delegate.

- wood, stones, kete, sacks, permission (fire), tinfoil, helpers, spades, iron.

- big dishes serving trays to share with your buddies.

- meat???

Meeting closed at 6:15pm