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Intro:  Welcome to StarCast!  Your community StarCraft podcast!


Blizzard Looking for a new Lead Game Designer


Jinro Reminds us Why SC2 is Fucking Awesome

Dead game?

Some of the things people really wanted were ways for terran and protoss to scout early game, protoss to have a harassing unit, and for there to be more fight over map control/positioning.


“- The hots era reaper is amazing for scouting, and I think has made the game so much better compared to the mist of conflict present in WoL.

- Mothership core might be a bit too strong, but overall this has definitely made the game better... PvP is maybe not the perfect matchup, but compared to WoL? Is there anyone who wants to go back to that?

- The swarm host. You know what? I think this is a great unit. Yeah, it's not perfect right now but you know what I've been seeing that I basically never saw in the past? The map actually being more than a theater for two death balls to collide. It probably needs some changes, but it's really not the first time in the history of starcraft that something has seemed stale... which brings me to my next point of contention with the current discourse.“

But in Broodwar...

back around 2004~2006, most PvZs (especially vs european zergs, which is funny considering its analogous to the current situation) the zergs gameplan would be to get to 3 bases, spam lurker/spore/sunken and then depending on the map, take islands (and use the same defense there) while dropping ultra/ling, or just go straight 3 base hive ultra ling into more bases with the same defense.... It really did not look too different from SH turtle, and was infuriatingly hard to break.”

“How was it solved? Game evolved, maps got better, etc. I'm not saying SH is the exact same situation, but it's not such a horrible unit that it needs to be removed from the game --- if people had seen some of the games that occurred back during this period of PvZ today, they would have probably called for the BW designers heads.


Azubu Disbanding

Korean journalist Ethan Ahn reports that Azubu will shut down its Korean eSports division. AzubuTV however will still function.

At the time, only SuperNoVa and BBoongBBoong remain as active players on the roster. The majority of the team's players had already been released or had left beforehand.”


Starbow Ladder is Up


Wins based on Supply Difference


Storm Watch

Developer Q&A

Almost nothing really newsworthy. No offense to art panels, which I love, but nothing in this got me anymore excited about Heroes than I already was.


The Results

Code S

Group D

Soulkey & Squirtle advance (incoming bias: HORAY!)

Group E


WCS America, Season 1
Premier League kicked off this past Tuesday.

Group A

Alicia (P), Oz (P)

=(  NesTea (Z), desRow (P)

Group B

Heart (T), TooDming (Z)

=(  Scarlett, MaSa


WCS Europe, Season 1

Europe’s Premier League also started Tuesday.

Group A

MC (P), Bunny (T)

=(  NaNiwa, Slivko



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Jason “Fixxer” Smith

Hello gentlemen!

I have been a listener for roughly two years now.  First and foremost, you guys provide an awesome show so thank you for doing what you do.  A little about me, I have played Starcraft off and on for years but only got into the e-sports scene once Wings of Liberty came out.  I am a high silver/low gold, very casual player.  I was a grunt in the Army for six years and am now a weapons instructor in the Air Force.  I also have a wife and one year old daughter so I don't have a ton of free time but I do enjoy playing SC2 when I get the chance.  (And now Hearthstone, thanks to you both...lol)

I wanted to weigh in on the "Protoss is too strong" debate.  I'm a Zerg player and find that if I can't handle Protoss, it's because of my lack of skill or crappy unit composition; not because Protoss is OP.  I can’t speak for Terran players, but as Zerg, we do have options.  Roaches with burrowed movement is a good option to deal with force fields (plus the added bonus of regeneration).  Double that with Hydras and it can be very a devastating combination.  With regards to the early game, Ling speed and Roaches (if split correctly for a surround) is deadly.


Again, I’m not an expert and don’t claim to have the in-depth knowledge that the pros have with balance, however, down at my level of play if I lose to Protoss it is simply because I didn't react properly.  Anyway, that's my two cents from a casual player's prospective.


On a side note, it would be great to be able to meet you both at an e-sports event some time.  First round of drinks are on me.  :)  

Thanks again for doing such a great show.  Keep it up!



Jason “Fixxer” Smith


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