BMS Student Resources

Academic Resources


Person Responsible

Valero Tutors

Math and Science Mondays 3:15-4:15 in the library

Eric Dutton

Peer Tutors

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3:15-4:15 in Talk Town

Eric Dutton

Heidi Mejias

Academic Counseling & Planning

Eric Dutton

Heidi Mejias

College & Career - Lisa Douglass

Student Study Teams

Initiated by Counselor or Teacher

Math Intervention Classes

Additional Math class for students needing support

Reading Intervention Classes

Additional Reading class for students needing support

AVID Program

Students enrolled in this class are taught skills and behaviors for academic success

Resource Classes

Part of Special Education program for students with an IEP

Special Education Department

Social & Emotional Resources

School Counselors

Eric Dutton

Heidi Mejias

WEB (Where Everybody Belongs


Support Groups

Social-emotional support groups offered each semester


Mentor Program

Community adult mentors

See counselor

New Pathways Counseling

Adult counselors who offer free 1 on 1 counseling

See counselor


Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

Faith Shaw

Sources of Strength

Provides students who are struggling socially and/or emotionally with resources (aka sources of strength)


Student Clubs

List on school website

Yvette Brown

School Psychologists

Support students with IEPss

Joseph Vogel

Lisa Johnson 

Mental Health Therapist

Supports students with IEPs

Rosalind Daniels 

District Nurse

Teri Deane 

Mental Health Coordinator

Jessica Garcia 

PERL Program (Special Education Program)

Program for students with emotional disabilities

Louise Garrison

School Resource Officer

Conflict resolution, reports of threats or violence, Diversion program, D.A.R.E.

Officer Woods


Extracurricular Resources

Activities Director

Leadership & Associated Student Body - student clubs, student events

Yvette Brown

Athletics Director

All school sports teams and programs

Yvette Brown

Performing Arts

Drama courses, plays, musicals, improv, and drama productions (staging, sound and lights)

Cathy Wright

Band Director

Oversees music courses and band performances

Glenn Walp