Group Inquiry Experiment

Scientists:Joe, Izzy, Gg, Kate and Alex

question: will plants grow with different liquids

Hypothesis: We think that the plant that will have coke will just fall down,die and go brown .

List of Materials:

Coke, milk,water and measuring jug 3 identical plant

Experiment: we are going to feed plants different types of liquids and see if the plants  are going to grow

1.get three identical plants that have already been grown. Add more soil on top and push down with your thumb.

2.measure water 4 drops pore onto plant

3. Measure milk 4 drops pore onto plant

4.measure coke 4drops pore onto plant ›

5.feed every day milk,water,coke but not weekends

6.repeat all steps for two weeks.

7. Observe the plants after you have feed it for two weeks.

Diagrams/ Photos


the plant that has coke for the drink has died,fell and it has gone brown abit at the bottom of the plant.


My hypothesis was almost correct. The plant that was fed coke did die and fall but it didn’t go brown like the colour of coke.

After doing this experiment I have learnt that plants will not grow with different liquids. After researching more we found out that milk is actually harmful to plants. Plants just need healthy water and the sugar in different liquids does the plant harm. We better keep feeding plants just water!

our science journal


Today  we started and set up our science experiment and we are so excited! Hopefully it will grow. We had trouble with getting the soil because it was hard get it out with the shovel.but what if it rains.            


Today we fed. our plants coke, milk and water we hope they will grow with different liquids.