I am a certified professional life purpose and transition coach for people in the LGBT+, Alternative lifestyle and “Queer” community. I specialize in helping people embrace their purpose, power, authenticity and beauty so they can fully experience self-love, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment in their lives, families and careers.

“Queer” is a word that was once used as a slur against our large, diverse and vibrant community. I believe it is important to reclaim the power and beauty of the concept of queerness. Humans are beautiful in all of their wondrous diversity, with unlimited combinations of erotic, sexual and gender expressions.

I fit proudly into many of the above categories and have first hand experience overcoming the negative affects of being judged by our socially conservative society. These fear based judgments from others can, over time, get under our skin and erode our confidence while holding us back from reaching for our goals and living in alignment with our true purpose, passion and values.

If you are experiencing angst, doubt, internalized self judgment, or career stagnation and want to move beyond your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, I can help you cut through the crap and deliberately live the life you truly deserve and desire.

One rewarding and significant aspect of my work is helping allies and family members to better understand, communicate and connect with their unique loved ones. Empowering you to be the best version of who you are is my primary job. Working to end discrimination, shift cultural attitudes and foster a welcoming world for our future generations is essential to my purpose as a coach and as a human.

I provide experienced, understanding, non-judgmental empowerment and transition coaching for:

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Billy White Acre - CPC, ELI-MP

818.416.7225 | billy@bwacoaching.com