Middle Years Program

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Grade:     10                           Subject:          Science                      Unit:    Electricity


Key and Related Concepts

Systems: Energy, Transformation

Global context

Scientific and Technical Information

Statement of inquiry

We use systems to help us with a variety of tasks by transferring and transforming energy.

Inquiry questions

How do the components in an electric circuit help transfer and transform energy?

What do we use circuits for?

How does the structure in a circuit affect the way a circuit works?

How can we harness electricity to be useful to us?

If we can’t see it, is it really there?

Content / skills (including AtLs)

Series and parallel circuits

Current, charge, potential difference, resistance

Power and energy

Circuit diagrams

Dangers of electricity

Assessment task(s)

Test - Criteria A

Electrolysis Investigation - Criteria B,C

Incandescent Lamps - Criteria D

Key terms


Key terms

(Mother tongue)



the property of matter responsible for electrical forces.  It is either positive or negative.


the ordered directional movement of electrically charged particles

potential difference

the difference of electrical energy per charge between two points - measured as voltage.


the degree to which an object opposes the passage of an electric current, causing energy to leave the circuit as it is transformed by the load


effects resulting from the flow or accumulation of charges

Teachers’ names: Mr Lorimer, Miss Winslade

What do I think that I know about the topic of this unit?

What would I like to know, find out, or be able to do in this unit?

What immediate questions or concerns do I have about this unit?