Using Flubaroo to Help you Grade

1. Create a form using multiple choice and/or fill in the blank questions. Make sure that one question asks the student’s name or identification.

2. Choose “Create a new spreadsheet” as your response destination.

3. Create an answer key.  To do this, View the Live Form and input the answers.  As a note, if you want more than one correct answer to a fill-in-the-blank question, you can do that by adding a %or between each correct answer when creating your answer key.  

For example: dog %or cat %or turtle would mean that the correct answer could be dog or cat or turtle.

4. Close the form.  Send the link to the students for them to complete the assignment.

5. After the students are done the assignment, go to the completed response spreadsheet.  It will look something like this (depending on the length of the answers to your questions).


6. Go to the Add-Ons option at the top of the spreadsheet.  If you have not already installed Flubaroo, go to Get Add-Ons.


7. Search for Flubaroo and install it.  Then go to Add-Ons, Flubaroo, and Grade Assignment:

Grade assignment.JPG

8. Step 1 allows you to decide which questions are to be graded, and allows you to assign point values (weights) to them.  This way, if you incorporate a longer question that you have to grade yourself, you can still do that and select grade by hand as the grading option.

Step 1.JPG

9. Step 2 asks you to select which one serves as the answer key.  Choose the answers you gave when creating the key.

10. Then it grades your assignment for you.  A new sheet is added to the existing response sheet. This one has the total points, percentages, information about each question and each student’s answers to each question, class averages, etc.

11.  Students who score less than a 70% are in red.  If less than 60% of the students got an answer correct, it is highlighted in orange.

12.  Now the Flubaroo options include regrading the assignment (useful if more students responded or if you want to get rid of a bad question),  sending the students an email with the grades (this will only work if the student email was included as a question on the original form), and viewing a summary report of the grades.

13. Enjoy!

Guide created by L. Humes updated 2016