台灣駭客協會 HITCON 個人資料保護聲明

Privacy Policy of HITCON

個人資料保護政策 | Policy of Personal Information Protection

感謝您參與台灣駭客年會 Hacks in Taiwan Conference (以下簡稱「HITCON」)。「HITCON 主辦團隊」(以下簡稱「我們」) 將依個人資料保護法之規定來使用、保管您於報名時所提供的個人資料,並維護您的隱私權。同時,我們在此對於您個人資料之使用蒐集將依下列聲明為利用、管理。

First, we would like to thank you for joining us at Hacks in Taiwan Conference (hereafter referred to as “HITCON”). We are going to ask for your permission to collect and use your personal information recorded in the registration form. We value your privacy and we would follow the terms and conditions as set out below while collecting and using your personal information.

個人資料之使用目的 | The Purpose of Usage of Your Personal Information

我們為求本活動順利進行及提供您相關之服務,蒐集並於使用目的範圍內利用您所提供之個人資料,其法定特定目的為一三○ 會議管理。使用目的包含但不限於:a) 確認報名者與前來報到者之身分同一性、b) 提供您名牌、c)

提供符合您飲食習慣之餐點、d) 提供適合尺寸的 T-shirt、e) 提供發票並寄送至您指定地址、f) 提供您書面講義;以及 g) 其他有助於活動順利進行之相關目的。

For the purposes of organizing the event and providing better services, we are going to collect your personal information on the registration page all according to the Personal Information Protection Act by The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act 130. Meeting Management.

 The purposes will be including but not limited to:

(a.) To confirm the identity by your recognition form

(b.) To provide you a badge of HITCON

(c.) To provide a favorable meal according to your diet(oriental vegetarian, for example)

(d.) To provide you a HITCON T-shirt in your size

(e.) To provide a receipt within your invoice title and address

(f.) To provide you the reading materials of HITCON

(g.) All other purposes that help us to give better services at the meeting

個人資料蒐集方式、利用範圍 | The Way We Collect and the Scope that We Use Your Personal Information

當您報名參與 HITCON 時,我們基於服務將會請您填寫服務所需之相關資料,而取得您的基本資料;我們僅將您的該些資料使用在您所需的個別服務上。

While registering for HITCON, we will obtain information about you by asking you to fill in the form on the registration page. The information that we gathered will only be used to provide services to you.

個人資料使用方式 | How Do We Use Your Personal Information

我們將持續保存使用您提供的個人資料直至您提出停止使用或 HITCON 停止營運之日為止。我們絕對不會任意出售、交換、出租或以其他變相之方式,將您的個人資料揭露與其他團體或個人。惟有下列情形,我們會向第三者提供您的個人資料。

We would preserve the personal information that you provided until you request us to cease using it or HITCON ceases operation. We will NEVER sell, exchange, lease or otherwise expose your personal information to third-party organizations or individuals, with the exception that:

個人資料分類及項目 | What Personal Information are Included

我們因所提供服務及分析本活動之需要,可能需請您提供的個人基本資料,包括姓名、暱稱、性別、電子郵件、行動電話、出生年、職業別、現職單位(公司)、發票寄送地址、統一編號、發票抬頭、飲食習慣、T-shirt 尺寸等資料,其法定蒐集個人資料類別為C○○一 辨識個人者

The personal information that we are asking for includes:

full name and nickname, gender, email address, mobile number, birth year, occupation, belonging organization (company), billing address, company invoice number, diet habits, T-shirt size...etc. This is done according to The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act by its Code 001 Type for identifying individuals.

個人資料變更修改方式 | Your Rights of Personal Information

您得就您留於 HITCON 報名網站之個人資料依法向我們以書面或電子文件請求行使:查詢或請求閱覽、製給複製本、補充或更正、請求停止蒐集、處理或利用、請求刪除等權利。惟上述權利,若因與會者不符合申請程序或法律規定,或我們依法負有保存義務,或法律另有規定之情況者,則不在此限;我們亦得就您的請求收取行政處理費用。如果您的個人資料有變更,您可自行於 HITCON 之報名網站中進行更正或來信給我們以修正您的個人資料。

You could exercise your rights (which would be mentioned below) of the personal information by  writing to us (either by paper or by electronic means)

(a.) Any inquiries or requests for viewing the personal information

(b.) Any requests to make duplications of the personal information

(c.) Any requests to add supplements or correct the personal information

(d.) Any requests to discontinue the collection, processing, or use of personal information

(e.) Any requests to delete the personal information unless you do not agree with the process of registration and legal regulation

We would keep it and charge on your request all according to Taiwan’s legal obligations.

If you would like to have your personal information modified or updated, you could do it on the registration page or email us.

選擇退出方式 | Cancelling Your Participating and Deleting Your Personal Information


You may request us to cease the use of your personal information by notifying us through email, and we shall refrain from using your personal information from then onwards. You are free to provide as much or as little information as you like. However, in the case that the provided information is erroneous, insufficient, or that you request us to cease the usage of your data, then for the proper operation of the event, we may reject your registration and participation.

隱私保護諮詢 | Questions for Privacy Protection Policy

如果您對於我們的隱私權保護政策或是有個人資料蒐集、利用、更新等問題,請來信 。

If you have any questions regarding the gathering and usage of your personal information, please feel free to contact us at

本個人資料保護聲明從 2014 6 16 日起開始生效,惟為因應社會環境及法令的變遷與科技的進步,為保護客戶個人資料安全及隱私,我們將隨時修改這份公告聲明,並將儘速更新與公告予您。

The Privacy Policy of HITCON will be effective June 16th, 2014.

However, due to the rapidly changing social and legal environment and the continual advancement in technology, we reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time and will announce any update when available.

Thank you.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you in HITCON!