Whainga ako: understand what the story is about.

He aha te mea nui?

Whainga mahi:

-work with a buddy - Read “Brothers and sisters”

-re-read your story if you are unclear of any answers.

Highlight the word that tells you what the picture is:

Celebrate, Earth, Nature, Sun, ...   celebrate             select                   celery

... The Full Moon Two ...   circle                       full moon                     half moon

File:Friendship Bracelet ...   Bracket                 bracelets                       broken

File:CSIRO ScienceImage 409 ...     cotton              floss                   candy

Flowers, Summer, Pink, Nature, ...    floss                 flow                  flowers

Finish the sentences - highlight the right answers:

1. Every year, we _________ Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in September.

Have / celebrate / do

2. For this __________ day, Indian sisters make delicious sweets.

Special / happy / great

3. Some are __________, and others are very fancy.

Bright / simple / cool

4. “I think Kiran will __________ this one,” says Roshni.

Love / like / happy

5. It’s the day __________ Raksha Bandhan.

Before / now / again

6. Roshni adds the milk powder while Aunty Vanita ___________ in melted ghee and milk.

Spills / pours / fills

7. Roshni takes a _____, too.

Heap / lot / piece

Read text and fill in the missing kupu:

Every year, we ____celebrate__________ Mother’s Day in ___may________  and _____fathers_________ Day in

September. So _why____________ not have a brothers and __sisters_________ day as ___well________?

The Indian _festival____________________ of Raksha Bandhan is just that - a ____special______________

Day for brothers and ___sisters________________.

On the day ____itsalf____________, they give the sweets to their _______brothers___________ and tie

Colourful ___bracelets____________ (called rakhis) around their _______brothers_______________

Wrist.  The rakhis are meant to make sure that the brothers will be ________________,

Happy, _____rich_______, and _______successful____________. In return, the brothers often

_____give______ presents to their sisters and ___brothers__________ to protect them from


It’s the ______day_________ before Raksha bandhan.

Roshni and _____her aunty_________________ Vanita are ____preparing__________________ an

Indian sweet called __barfi____________ for their __brothers________________.

First they ___make____________ a syrup with ___suger____________ and water.

The next day, __when_________ the barfi is ___set___________, Aunty Vanita cuts it into

______daibond___________ shapes.

Which word means the same - highlight the correct answer:

1. Every year, we celebrate Mother’s Day in May and Father's Day in September.

Have  /  make  /  honor

2. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated at a full moon in Indian month of Shravan.

February  /  August  /  May

3. On the day itself, they give the sweets to their brothers and tie colourful bracelets (called rakhis)

Hand  /  buy  /  hand out

4. Usually the rakhis come ready-made from India.

Make  /  help  /  support


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