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Camas Education Association Proposal for Action

NEW BUSINESS ITEM # (to be assigned by the Rep Council Chair):           _____________

TITLE __________________________________ Name of SOURCE ___________________


Does this proposal adhere to the current collective bargaining agreement?                  Yes  OR   No

*Proposals which don’t adhere to the current contract will NOT be considered by the CEA Rep Council*

COST IMPLICATIONS:          Cost to CEA Staff: _____________          Non-staff: _____________

CEA GOALS AND OBJECTIVES that this proposal advances:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Specific RECOMMENDATION(S) for action that is being proposed:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CEA Executive Board recommendation:                  “Do Pass”        OR         “Don’t Pass”

(only filled out on those proposals submitted to the Executive Board in advance of the monthly CEA Executive Board meeting; otherwise, the proposal will go to the floor to be considered on its own merits, and the Rep Council Chair will impartially preside over the discussion)

CEA District Rep Council Outcome:                   “ADOPTED”        OR         “Not Adopted”

*Just as with the Washington Education Association Rep Assembly, any proposal must have a second by a CEA Representative in order to be entertained by the CEA Rep Council.  Any proposal that doesn’t fit within the existing certificated bargaining agreement, or which doesn’t fit with the goals or character of the CEA will be ruled out of order by the Chair.  Proposals must be written out to be recognized by the Chair, so as to be entered into the record by the CEA Secretary, but proposals do NOT need to be submitted in advance of the CEA Rep Council meeting.  Proposals which are not submitted in advance will not carry a recommendation from the Executive Board and will be considered on their own merits.  Proposals will be recognized by the Chair in the order in which they were submitted to the Secretary.