iPads are great for grabbing that moment. The other day I was in a New Entrant room and there was a very large grasshopper on the wall. The kids were fascinated, so I got them to grab an iPad and take a few photos.

A quick easy way to publish is using Keynote.

Tap on the App.

 If it opens to a previous presentation, tap on Presentations.

Tap on the + to create a Presentation.

 Choose a Theme.

Tap on the + at the bottom of the screen and choose a template with a picture in it.

For non-fluent writers I get them to choose this one.

They tap on the + on the picture, tap on where they can see their picture, (in this example I will use a photo of my dog) tap on the picture again, it will appear on the page.

They then double tap to type their story, the teacher can type their story on the next line.


Turn off autocorrect so that the students don’t have predictive text.

Go to Settings - General- Keyboard - AutoCorrection (Tap it to turn it off)