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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is bfab?

bfab is a technology company that enables you to request beauty services anytime + anywhere. Our friendly and talented team of professional beauty contractors are sent to your venue of choice.

Who are the bfab stylists?

bfab has carefully pre-vetted only the very best trained hairstylists + make-up artists to form part of our pool of beauty contractors to render services to you. They are not employed by Bfab but go through an in-person vetting process before they can work with us. Our ethos is to engage highly skilled, enthusiastic professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Does bfab have safety precautions?  

Yes! Safety is a top priority for us.  All our stylists are hand selected after an intensive interview program and reference checked for safety practice.

How does bfab work?

step 1. choose your service.

 makeup + blowouts by our professional stylists.

step 2.  where + when.

 tell us details of your desired date, time + location. We will call you to confirm all details.

step 3. life made simple.

 all payments and gratuities are taken care of prior to appointment

step 4. time to bfab.

 we bring beauty to you, your stylist will be on their way.


How do I prepare for my bfab appointment?

Simple! For blowouts, wash your hair prior to the appointment. all we need is a chair close enough to an electrical outlet to plug in our dryer. Our bfab professionals will have all the styling tools they need. If you have your own product preference, or product allergies please let your stylist know.

For makeup, be ready with a dry clean face - no moisturizer. If you have a favorite brand, let your stylist know.

Do I need wet hair for an office appointment?

No, our stylist can lightly dampen hair if needed before the blowout, as well as a light skin clean before applying your makeup to create your desired look. We are happy to do styling on dry hair too.

Can I select a bfab stylist?

Your bfab stylist will be selected based on your profile, appointment time and the proximity of the stylist to you. All bfab stylists are carefully selected to ensure the highest standard of service excellence . All our stylists are trained and skilled to deliver quality service everytime.

What services does bfab offer?

Through our extensive network of talented beauty stylists, we can offer the following:

How do I tip my bfab stylist?

20% gratuity will be automatically added to your credit card.  If you feel you want to add more after your service, it’s always appreciated but not necessary.

Can I cancel an appointment? What is bfab’s cancellation policy?

Need to cancel? Not a problem. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment will ease. Our stylists will be happy to make you look and feel fabulous another time.

Appointments cancelled more than 4 hours before your appointment will not be charged for. However you will be charged the full service fee if you cancel your appointment within 4 hours  from the appointment time. Any reservation can be cancelled up to 10 minutes from booking with no cancellation fee

If your bfab stylist arrives more than 25 min late and you choose to cancel , there will be no cancellation fee.

If you are more than 15 min late to your appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

If you feel you have been charged incorrectly with a cancellation fee , please feel free to reach us at or 650.517.FAB1

What time can I request a bfab appointment?

Anytime from 7:30am onwards. our last booking is 7pm. 7 days a week.

You can book your appointment with only a 4 hour same day notice or you can schedule your appointment in advance. Early morning and late evening bookings are available with a charged premium.

What does “pending” mean?

It means that we are busy finding you the best suited stylist for your appointment. This could take up to 30 min. You will be notified as to who your stylist is shortly.

Do I need an iphone to book an appointment?

No. Please feel free to book online at, our website which will also give you lots more information about bfab, testimonials, galleries and more.

You can also download the app to any android or iphone.

Can I upload an image to my account?

Yes.  You can upload a picture to the “My Album” on your profile page on the App version.  My Album is a great lookbook with ideas and also a place where you can save your personal favorite looks.

How do I tell my friends about bfab?

We love that you like us, and sharing is caring!! Now that you had a fab experience it’s time to tell your friends too! Invite your friends and family to check out bfab on facebook, instagram and twitter. Post your favorite bfab look on Instagram. Remember to tag us #bfabmobile

How do I contact bfab?

You can contact our customer service via email or phone.

Connect with us:

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If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us here.