DHMN Organizational Meeting

Oct. 22, 2012

Call to Order

Present: Jason K., Mark F., Paul K, Bob T-Son, Erin Q-L, Drek T, Kristen M, Jake

Late arrivals: Mike P, Ross L, Jason K

Approve Minutes

Approve: Erin called

* Bob T-S: seconded

Treasures’ Report


Old Business

        * Pitch Book

                * Bob asked if someone else could take it over

                        * Kristen will give it a try

        * List of businesses

                * Paul asked if someone else could take it over

                        * Kristen will make a list; someone else can make contact contact.

        * Still looking for commercial realtor.

                * Tabled for now. Erin will follow up with Karl.

                * Utilities: We’re looking for about $250 a month.

[Appropriate interruption: Ross arrived with the DHMN server.]

New Business

Raising funds

 * Make the donation jar at the make sessions more prominent.

 * Kristen suggested making a pitch to new arrivals at the make sessions.

Jake took receipt of the DHMN books from Ross.

3D Printer Fund

 * Not enough money for the transportable printer we want.

 * If we go with one in budget that a custodial brings to make sessions.

 * Paul and Jake will talk to Alex and Mark F. at the next make session to qualify which printer to buy or build.

Erin: New elections?

 * Mike P. will get the bylaws on the web site.

 * Drek T suggested a page on the website with photos of the officers.

 * Kristen suggests new elections in January.

 * Mike P. notes that the last election was not before Feb.

 * Erin moves that we have Feb. elections

        * Ross seconds

        * carries

Ross: Brian from R3new told we will not be buying handheld devices.

 * December or later field trip would be possible.

        * Drek suggests Brian picks the date and we let members know.

Jason K has lots of stuff he wants to donate to DHMN. Heavy stuff.


Move to Adjourn: Bob T-S

* Seconded: Jason

* carried.