CTDS Minutes 7/5/16

In attendance: Derek, George, Margaret, Suzanne, Barbara

Treasurer’s Report: CTDS is still in good shape financially with about $17,000 in bank accounts and CDs. Derek has reached out to a local dancer regarding filling in as treasurer, but has not heard back. Derek will contact Steve regarding the PayPal money that was not able to be refunded.

Chattaboogie: Margaret will draft a note to the talent. The Board agreed to pay talent for one night’s dance as a gesture of goodwill. Future Chattaboogie weekends were tabled to allow time/energy for community building.

Community Building: Margaret suggested a community potluck/Board meeting in September. Derek suggested that we wait until January to have time to plan a location and other details. The Board agreed and will tentatively hold the potluck on January 28. Suzanne offered to look into setting up a Meetup Group for the local dances.

Next Dance: Heather will host and George will run sound. Ed and Elsie will play and Jane Ewing will call. Derek has the original keys. Margaret will draft a template for announcements.

Fall schedule: Margaret will update website to reflect two dances per month. Margaret will also follow up with Deb regarding a date for an English Country Dance workshop before the regular dance. Other workshop ideas were discussed, including a swing workshop. The Board also discussed the possibility of a regular dinner spot before monthly dances to continue to build community. There will be no dance on November 26.

Other business: Derek will keep, donate, or sell items from Betsy’s garage. The Board agreed to allow the church to use CTDS fans in the gym in exchange for allowing us to store them there. Derek will contact WUTC to see about getting a spot with them in addition to the online ads that Suzanne posts.

Next Meeting: Monday, August 8 at 6pm at Yellow Deli