Bridge to Terabithia

WAL to describe how a character impacts the storyline

Complete the following table describing the differences at Lark Creek before and after Leslie Burke arrived.

What changed?

Before Leslie Burke

After Leslie Burke

Running races at school

  • Just boys
  • Girls up the hill playing hopscotch, elastics
  • Skipping ropes to mark
  • 5th graders, 4th graders
  • Gary Fulcher gave the instructions
  • Heats then a final
  • Running stopped
  • Leslie was the fastest 5th grader
  • Boys started playing King of the Mountain

Ellie and Brenda

  • Very annoying to Jess
  • Selfish and mean
  • Acted like princesses
  • Manipulative
  • Nice to Jess
  • Stopped calling him names, picking on him
  • Stopped referring to Leslie as the ‘girlfriend’, stopped teasing

Jess’ Mum

  • Bossy
  • Cared a lot about what other people thought
  • Mean to Jess
  • Made him do all the chores
  • A bit of a split personality - nice when others were around, mean when alone
  • Tired - Jess had to do some of her chores too
  • Made him pancakes
  • Being nice to others - made food for Leslie’s family

Jess’ Dad

  • Made Jess do the chores
  • Extra chores as punishment
  • Treated him differently to the girls - the way he talked, treats (Twinkie)
  • Didn’t talk much
  • Works a lot
  • Takes anger out on Jess
  • Doesn’t think being an artist is manly enough
  • Did Jess’ chores for him
  • Treated him the same as the girls
  • Hugged Jess, showed his caring side
  • Nice
  • Stopped shouting

Mrs Myers

  • Angry, punished everyone
  • Really hard homework
  • She didn’t help the students
  • Always looked irritated
  • No sense of humour
  • Been teaching a long time
  • Might have prejudged Jess
  • Didn’t shout
  • Calmer
  • Told Jess about her husband dying - empathetic
  • Emotional

Janice Avery

  • Big bully of the school
  • Made kids pay to pee
  • Stole Maybelle’s Twinkie
  • Fake tripped and accused people to get them in trouble
  • Throws things at people
  • Smokes
  • Sits at the back of the bus
  • Became nicer to Leslie and Jess
  • Stood up for Jess
  • Understood how bullied people felt
  • Perspective changed
  • Sat next to Jess on the bus
  • Stopped picking on Leslie and Jess

Jess’ Drawing

  • Kept it a secret
  • Drawings of other people
  • People put him down because of it - except Miss Edmunds
  • Kept his gear hidden under his mattress
  • She appreciated his drawings
  • Shared his drawings with others - especially Leslie
  • Painted the sign for Terabithia
  • She gave him paints to encourage him

Jess’ confidence

  • “Yellow” - a coward
  • No guts, not brave
  • Imagined being brave in his head but not in real life
  • Thought of outcomes before he started talking
  • Kept quiet, put his head down, accepted his place in the world
  • Anti-social
  • Easily agitated
  • Not so cowardly
  • Talked to more people - more social
  • Close his eyes and open his mind - became more imaginative
  • Open up to other people - let emotions out