Nail Polish Thread 1 - Started August 31, 2013

Nail Polish Thread 2

Nail Polish Thread 3

Nail Polish Thread 4

Nail Polish Thread 5

Nail Polish Thread 6

Nail Polish Thread 7

Nail Polish Thread 8

Nail Polish Thread 9

Nail Polish Thread 10 

Nail Polish Thread 11         Thursday Challenge: Cloud Mani [Tutorial]

Nail Polish Thread 12         Thursday Challenge: Dots & Stripes

Nail Polish Thread 13         Thursday Challenge: Waterfalls [Tutorial]

Nail Polish Thread 14         Thursday Challenge: Galaxy

Nail Polish Thread 15 

Nail Polish Thread 16         Thursday Challenge: Animal Print

Nail Polish Thread 17 

Nail Polish Thread 18         Thursday Challenge: Nail Transfers/Stickers

Nail Polish Thread 19 

Nail Polish Thread 20         Thursday Challenge: Characters

Nail Polish Thread 21

Nail Polish Thread 22         Thursday Challenge: Water Marble

Nail Polish Thread 23

Nail Polish Thread 24         Thursday Challenge: Floral

Nail Polish Thread 25         Thursday Challenge: Outfit Match

Nail Polish Thread 26         Thursday Challenge: Then & Now

Nail Polish Thread 27         Thursday Challenge: SPRING!

Nail Polish Thread 28         Thursday Challenge: Sexy Nails

Nail Polish Thread 29         Thursday Challenge: Rock'n'Roll

Nail Polish Thread 30         Thursday Challenge: Love your city

Nail Polish Thread 31         Thursday Challenge: Challenge Yourself!

Nail Polish Thread 32         Thursday Challenge: Monochrome

Nail Polish Thread 33         Thursday Challenge: Nautical Nails

Nail Polish Thread 34

Nail Polish Thread 35         Thursday Challenge (5/8/14): Food

Thursday Challenge (5/15/14): Glitter Placement

Nail Polish Thread 36         Thursday Challenge: Layers (tutorials: here, here, here, here, here, here, & here)

Nail Polish Thread 37

Nail Polish Thread 38                Thursday Challenge: Nimbus Nails [Tutorial]

+Pink and Blue for infant loss awareness.

Nail Polish Thread 39        

Nail Polish Thread 40                Thursday Challenge: Neons

+Mani Swaps!

Nail Polish Thread 41        

Nail Polish Thread 42         Thursday Challenge: Distressed/Dry Brush [Tutorial] 

Nail Polish Thread 43         

Nail Polish Thread 44                Thursday Challenge: Butterfly Wings [Tutorial]

Nail Polish Thread 45                Thursday Challenge: Half moons and variations [Tutorial, Video, Variation]

Nail Polish Thread 46         

Nail Polish Thread 47         Thursday Challenge: Negative Space [Example, Example, Example]

Nail Polish Thread 48        

Nail Polish Thread 49                Thursday Challenge: Beach Theme [Example, Example]

Nail Polish Thread 50        

Nail Polish Thread 51                Thursday Challenge: Untried colors, techniques, & stamps

Nail Polish Thread 52 

Nail Polish Thread 53                Thursday Challenge: Stained Glass Nails [Tutorial, Pictorial, Video]

Nail Polish Thread 54 

Nail Polish Thread 55        

Nail Polish Thread 56                Thursday Challenge: Saran Wrap Nails [Video, Tutorial]

Nail Polish Thread 57

Nail Polish Thread 58                Thursday Challenge: Animals (not just animal print!)

Nail Polish Thread 59

Nail Polish Thread 60                Thursday Challenge: Inspired by Robin Williams

Nail Polish Thread 61

Nail Polish Thread 62                Thursday Challenge: Splatter Nails [Tutorial, Video, Video]

Nail Polish Thread 63                

Thursday Challenge: Drag Nail Art [Pictorial, Video]

                                Thursday Challenge (9/5/14): Inspired by someone you love

                                          Thursday Challenge (9/11/14): Dr. Who and/or Quatrefoil

Thursday Challenge (9/18/14): Unconventional French Tip

Thursday Challenge (9/25/14): Inspired by Weather

Nail Polish Thread 64                

Thursday Challenge(10/2/14): A design over background art

                                Thursday Challenge(10/9/14): Inspired by Fair/Festival

                                Thursday Challenge(10/16/14): Inspired by your favorite nail artist

                                Thursday Challenge(10/23/14): Advanced Stamping or Inspired by a Book

                                Thursday Challenge(10/30/14): Faux or actual texture

                                Thursday Challenge(11/6/14): Fall Florals

Nail Polish Thread 65                

                                Thursday Challenge(11/13/14): Favorite Drink Inspired Mani

Thursday Challenge(11/20/14): Dream Catcher [Video1, Video2, Pictorial1, Pictorial2]

                                Thursday Challenge(11/27/14): The Highlight of Your Year

                                Thursday Challenge(12/4/14): Doticure

                                Thursday Challenge(12/11/14): Lines

Nail Polish Thread 66                

                                Thursday Challenge (12/18/14): Glitter Gradient

Thursday Challenge (12/25/14): Create a mani that is “you”

Thursday Challenge (1/1/15): Designs by your SO/LOs.

Nail Polish Thread 67

                                Thursday Challenge (1/8/15):  Shaving Cream Marble

                                Thursday Challenge (1/15/15): Mani based on your AVI

                                Thursday Challenge (1//22/15):  Your inner Nerd/Geek

                                Thursday Challenge (1/29/15):  Faux Finish

Nail Polish Thread 68

                                Thursday Challenge (2/5/15): Quilted Nails

Thursday Challenge (2/12/15): Inspired by something you use daily

Thursday Challenge (2/19/15): Show us your Cinderella hand!        

Nail Polish Thread 69

                                Thursday Challenge (2/26/15): Inspired by an Oscar dress

                                Thursday Challenge (3/5/15): Freehand Roses

Thursday Challenge (3/12/15): Inspired by favorite board game

Thursday Challenge (3/19/15): Pick a technique that is intimidating & try it

Nail Polish Thread 70

                                Thursday Challenge (3/26/15): Water swirling (Video tutorial)

                                Thursday Challenge (4/2/15): Inspired by someone you love (DH, SO, kids, etc)

                                Thursday Challenge (4/7/15): Create a mani using your ugliest/most hated polish

                                Thursday Challenge (4/16/15): Recreate a Jamberry look

Nail Polish Thread 71

                                Thursday Challenge (4/23/15): Inspired by your favorite musician(s)

                                Thursday Challenge (4/30/15): Beach Theme

                                Thursday Challenge (5/7/15): Something Sweet: spun sugar or inspired by candy

                                Thursday Challenge (5/14/15): Multicolored stamping

                                Thursday Challenge (5/21/15): Fancy Neutral Toned

                                Thursday Challenge (5/28/15): Neons

Nail Polish Thread 72

                                Thursday Challenge (6/4/15): Redo your FIRST challenge mani

                                Thursday Challenge (6/11/15): Matte/gloss combination

                                Thursday Challenge (6/18/15): A mani with 2 or more untrieds

Thursday Challenge (06/25/2015): Jungle themed

Thursday Challenge (07/02/2015): Fireworks or geometric

                                Thursday Challenge (07/09/2015): Jelly Sandwich (definition and tutorial)

Nail Polish Thread 73

                                Thursday Challenge (07/16/2015): Inspired by your favorite book

Thursday Challenge (07/23/2015): Inspired by a cause

Thursday Challenge (07/30/2015): Inspired by favorite musician

Thursday Challenge (08/06/2015): One Stroke Designs

Thursday Challenge (08/13/2015): Something that brings you joy

Thursday Challenge (08/20/2015): Disney

Thursday Challenge (08/28/2015): Inspired by a shoe

Thursday Challenge (09/03/2015): Plaid

Thursday Challenge (09/10/2015): Geeky/Fandom manis

Thursday Challenge (09/17/2015): Galaxy Nails

Nail Polish Thread 74

Thursday Challenge (09/24/2015): Geese

Thursday Challenge (10/01/2015): Decals

Thursday Challenge (10/08/2015): Recreate a #bhbNails mani

Nail Polish Thread 74.5        This thread was tragically eaten by wolves & only exists in our memory.

                                Thursday Challenge (10/15/15): Inspired by the elements earth, air, fire and water.

                                Thursday Challenge (10/22/15) Radial Gradient

                                Thursday Challenge (10/29/15) Day of the Dead

                                Thursday Challenge (11/5/15): Inspired by light and dark, or by the passage of time.

                                Thursday Challenge (11/12/15): Inspired by your favorite work of art

                                Thursday Challenge (11/18/15: Use a lemming you've gotten, or your favorite polish

The Unicorn Thread (75)

                                Thursday Challenge (11/26/15): A mani based on one (or more) of your fears.

Thursday Challenge (12/3/15): Inspired by someone you're missing this holiday season.

Thursday Challenge (12/11/15): Inspired by your favorite childhood holiday memory.

Thursday Challenge (12/18/15): Something special to you.

Thursday Challenge (12/25/15): Resolutions/New Year's mani

Thursday Challenge (12/31/15): What you're hopeful for - 2016 edition

Thursday Challenge (1/7/16): Your favorite four letter word.

Thursday Challenge (1/14/16): Inspired by BeautifulDreamer's photo on page 701

                                Thursday Challenge (1/21/16): Pick a design or technique that you've never done before!

Nail Polish Thread 76                

                                Thursday Challenge (1/28/16): Inspired by your favorite children's book

Thursday Challenge (2/4/16): Inspired by Elton John

Thursday Challenge (2/11/16): Breakfast Club clique (valentine)

Thursday Challenge (2/18/16): Inspired by a pattern

Thursday Challenge (2/25/16): Neon Matte

Thursday Challenge (3/3/16): Inspired by a favorite classic movie

Thursday Challenge (3/10/16): Inspired by a tie

Thursday Challenge (3/17/16): Inspired by your heritage/current country of residence

Thursday Challenge (3/24/16): Black & White skittle/ette. Gray allowed.

Nail Polish Thread 77

                                Thursday Challenge (3/31/16): meme/gif inspired

Thursday Challenge (4/7/16): Inspired by World Health Day

Thursday Challenge (4/14/16): inspired by a crazy eyeshadow look

Thursday Challenge (4/20/16): guilty pleasure, TV show, game, food, hobby, etc

Thursday Challenge (4/27/16): Reciprocal Gradient

Thursday Challenge (5/5/16): Disney

Thursday Challenge (5/12/16): Recreate one of your very first manis. New ladies can pick a mani (BHB or not) to recreate.

Thursday Challenge (5/19/16): Animal Print

Thursday Challenge (5/26/16): Red, white, and blue

Thursday Challenge (6/2/16): Inspired by your favorite flower or plant

Thursday Challenge (6/9/16): PRIDE/Pride

Nail Polish Thread 78

Thursday Challenge (6/16/16) Stamper Smoosh Mani

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