BTRN One-day Seminar:

New Challenges and New Perspectives on ELT: The Road Less Travelled

Natal/RN – 20 May, 2017 – FACEX Unidade I


Session 3: 16.20 p.m. - 17.10 p.m. - Room 1

Experiencing educational and cultural exchange in the United States: impressions and curiosities

Samara Freitas


Abstract: In this session I will describe the experience of taking part in a nine-week educational and cultural exchange program (financed by SETEC/CAPES) in the United States of America this year. I will report on the TESOL program I attended at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) along with 73 Federal Institution teachers from all over Brazil. In addition, I will give an account of some curiosities and impressions I find interesting about the places where I have been, as it was my first time visiting this country, and how this experience has impacted my life as an English teacher.


Speaker’s bio: Samara Freitas has been an EFL teacher for nine years. She holds a degree in Letras-inglês (UFRN), a specialist title in English Language Learning and Teaching (UFRN), a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics (UFRN) and currently teaches at IFRN - Campus Lajes. Her particular ELT research interests are: English language learning, technology-mediated learning and psycholinguistic factors in English language acquisition.