Round 1: info slide: A pill containing a modified form of the rubella virus can be taken by pregnant women which will stunt the development of the fetus’s inner ear, leaving the fetus deaf. There are no other effects of this pill.

This house supports deaf parents' choice to deafen their children in utero

Round 2: This house supports the government suing meat producers/distributors to recover health care and environmental costs incurred by meat consumption

Round 3: This house, as the European Union, would reject Turkey's membership application to the European Union

Round 4: This house opposes the presence of external sex characteristics (uterus, vagina, breasts) at pro-women protests (eg, the Women's March on Washington)

Round 5: This house opposes the societal idea that forgiveness is a virtue

Open semifinals: info slide: Joseph Boyden is a critically-acclaimed Canadian writer who identifies publicly as Indigenous. Boyden has received support from Indigenous and non-Indingeous communities for his writing about the experiences of Indigenous people. He has accepted awards for Indigenous people. It has recently been discovered that while Joseph Boyden truly believes he has " native roots," he is known to have no Indigenous heritage.

This house would prefer a world in which we never found out that Joseph Boyden has no Indigenous heritage

Open Finals: This house believes that feminism is incompatible with capitalism.

Novice Finals: This house opposes democracy