Call our Social Services Department Directly

508-947-0151 x 508


Our Social Services Department is involved with many aspects of your stay while at Island Terrace. Initially we coordinate your admission with all Departments.

We then focus on assisting our Residents and their families in adjusting from a Home or Hospital setting to Island Terrace. We provide supportive services, counseling, and information regarding your stay. We will address your concerns and questions, and provide ongoing support throughout your stay at Island Terrace.

For many Residents the stay at Island Terrace is short term for rehabilitation. The Social Workers join Nursing and the Rehab Department in collaborating a safe discharge back to the community. The Social Workers will assist with identifying appropriate home care agencies and ensuring that the appropriate services and equipment are in place for your return home.


Island Terrace has two full-time social workers. The Social Workers address the social, mental health, and emotional needs of each resident, and work collaboratively not only with other departments in providing the care given to achieve these goals but also with the residents and their families. The goal is for each Resident to attain and maintain their highest level of physical, mental and psychosocial wellbeing.


Another important part of the Social Workers’ role is working together with all departments in providing an interdisciplinary approach to the care of our Residents. The Social Workers work as a team ensuring compliance with the mandated Federal and State regulations, and Professional Standards and Practices.

As a Team, Island Terrace is committed to ensuring that each Resident is treated with dignity and respect and receives the quality of life they so deserve at their developmental stage and at a time when they are faced with the challenge of end of life issues. Island Terrace looks to ensure that our Residents enjoy a quality of life that they have participated in defining.