FAQ General

Can I buy my own iPad and put it on the Stripe Quote dataplan?

        No, but if you purchase an iPad from us, the 4g LTE service is included

How many iPads can I use with one subscription?

        Only (1) iPad per subscription, but you can sign up for as many subscriptions as you need.

How much data do I get if I am on the Stripe Quote dataplan?

        Each iPad has 1gb of 4g data/month, the service is not shut down after the 1gb, but slowed down

How hard is it to set up an iPad for the first time?

        Setup is easy! If you are using your own iPad, simply download the app from the App store, enter your login credentials and you're up and running. If you are purchasing an iPad from Stripe Quote™ it will come preloaded with the app and you can use it right away.

Is there a place that all my quotes back up to incase I lose my iPad?

        All estimates that have not been deleted are backed up on Stripe Quote's servers so they are always available to you. Your account is tied to each device that you use to run Stripe Quote™ but if you are a member of Stripe Quote™ you can move restore your estimates to a new device with the help of the Stripe Quote™ team in the event of a device being lost

Can I restore my quotes if I delete the app on my iPad?

        Estimates can be restored if you accidentally delete Stripe Quote™ from your device. Since everything is backed up remotely and tied to your device you merely need to download the app again and open up the app to have your estimates restored.

FAQ About Stripe Quote

How will this app help my bottom line?

        Stripe Quote™ is designed to reduce double entry, increase productivity and close more sales. By reducing the time spent on each estimate you are able to do more work in a day, more work means more profit, and more profit is the goal! Stripe quote helps you close more sales by allowing you to present the estimate directly to the customer, while they are still interested. This also gives you the chance to make a “Sales Pitch” to show the customer that you are the best choice.

How do I know if the app is right for me?

        Stripe Quote™ was designed specifically for Pavement Marking Contractors, however we understand that it may not be for all of you. If you have an iPad you can download and use the App without the ability to send estimates, If you don’t have one call us at (303) 632-6782  and discuss the options, we do have a rental fleet of devices that we can send you.

Who uses Stripe Quote?

        Stripe Quote™ is designed for Pavement Marking Contractors and their salespeople.

How is this going to help me land more jobs/ make me more money?

        Stripe Quote™ gives you the unique ability to build a professional looking estimate right on site, this allows you to present the estimate to the customer in real time. Hand delivering the estimate can increase your close rate by 50% or more.


Will other estimators that are on the same subscription be able to see my quotes?

        As of today, No.

Why should I include pictures in my estimate?

        The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” Is perfect here. You can use this to point out issues you see and address how your company will fix them. You can also show that you were actually on site when you bid the job, this increases the customer confidence.

What kind of tech support do you offer with this app?

        Stripe Quote™ is supported by the team at Outline Industries. If you ever need anything, you can call us at (303) 632-6782. Most issues are simple and can be resolved very quickly. If there is something that is a little tougher, we may have to contact one of our 3rd party partners for an answer. These can take a little longer, but rest assured, we will resolve your problems.

On average How much time will this app save me throughout the day?

        If you are estimating all day long, Stripe Quote™ could save you many hours per day. Typically a Stripe Quote™ membership pays for itself in the first 3 days and then the rest of the month is profit.

How many quotes can be stored with the app?

        There is no limit to the number of estimates that can be created with Stripe Quote.

FAQ Getting Started with Stripe Quote

How much will it cost to preview the app?

        Nothing!  The App is available for free to download in the App store.

Do I need an account to the apple store?

        Yes, you will have to have an Apple ID to download from the App store.

Can I edit things on my computer that I put in Stripe Quote?

        Not yet, But soon!

Can I pay for a year subscription at a discounted rate?

        Yes, A 10% discount is available if you prepay for a year.

How much space does this app use on my Ipad?

        The app databases to the Cloud, it will use only minimal storage on the device.

What information do I need to set everything up for the first time?

        Once you have the app on your iPad, all you need to do is enter your information. This includes all of your company info and pricing.

FAQ Operating Stripe Quote

How do I delete items off the quote I am creating?

        There are many items that can be deleted, when there is a +/- button simply press the - (minus) button until there are no more items. If it is a text or number field, use the keyboard to delete the item and then leave it blank.

How do I delete a quote?

        On the top of the estimate screen, there is a button that says “Delete Estimate”, tap the button and then confirm your action on the screen.


How do I change the pricing for services?

        When the iPad is horizontal, tap the edit button that is above your logo. This will take you to the company info screen, scroll down until you see the “Set Default Costs for Services” button. Then modify the pricing from there.

How do I edit my company information?

        When the iPad is horizontal, tap the edit button that is above your logo. This will take you to the company info screen, you can enter all of your company info here. You can also add your logo, which will appear on your estimates.

What e-mail does it use to send to the customer?

        The email used is the default email that you are using for the iPad.

How can I edit the estimate once I have created it?

        Yes, you can edit any estimate, simply scroll until you find the estimate you want to edit and tap it.

How do I select the legend I am using for standard/ custom text stencils?

        When building the estimate you can choose a letter size and then type in the wording you would like. Stripe Quote™ then calculates the cost of each letter in the word to price it for the Estimate.

How can I send the estimate to more than one person?

        Once you have tapped “Email PDF” it is just like any email client, simply add the additional email addresses.

How to I get rid of the keyboard while editing the estimate?

        There is a keyboard looking button at the bottom right corner, tap that and it will minimize.

How do I deliver the estimate to the customer once I have completed it?

        3 ways. Present the estimate to them directly on the ipad, print the estimate and mail it to them, or send them an email with the estimate as an attachment.

Is there an area to save estimates directly to the iPad?

Not currently unless Apple enables a central hub for file sharing and saving. Currently the best way to save an estimate outside of Stripe Quote itself is to attach it to an email.

Can I create an estimate in a remote area where there is no service for the iPad?

        Yes and these estimates will automatically be backed up remotely once the iPad is back in an area where service (wifi or cellular) is available.

How can you rotate pictures you take for the app?

        Not currently, though this feature is on the roadmap in the near future.