The Terms & Conditions for Fiddler Online Websites

Fiddler Online has the best interests of you, our customer in mind and will work for your good to the extent that it does not cause extreme damage to our reputation, finances, or general wellbeing as a company. Our founding policy is to do all we can to see people as people (not just clients) and treat them as though their feelings, concerns, etc., are as valid as our own.


These terms and conditions are written in plain words. The only things included that are not expressly stated are very obvious implications of the terms that are stated, based on common internet practices, standards, etc. Other written agreements regarding the building, hosting, and marketing of websites, eStores, and/or other media products are also binding and considered real amendments to this agreement. Mostly commonly we do those via email.

“We” and “us” is used generically to indicate Fiddler Online the company and its staff. “You” and “Your” refer to the customer. “Website” or “the website” refers to the website(s), blog(s), estore(s), etc that we build, host, and maintain for you.

You Agree To

We Will

(assuming that your account is current on payments, and your account doesn’t fall under “Suspension” or “Cancellation” sub-sections of “Our Right to Cancel” below)

Price Guarantee

Fiddler Online intends to keep their rates as competitive as possible, while still maintaining the cost effectiveness required to provide great services and awesome websites. However, if costs significantly increase due to inflation, or other unforeseen rises in cost, Fiddler Online may raise the monthly fee. For your protection, we guarantee that the price will never be increased more than once in a year’s time, and by no more than US national inflation + 15% of the previous year’s monthly price.

Note: a few clients who joined us prior to our current rates, may see a minor increase in pricing (below 15% of their current rate) if/when their automatic subscription has an issue, such as an expired credit/debit card, and needs to be updated. This is usually a difference of a few dollars and for the purpose of getting everyone on the same standardized pricing.

Your Right to Cancel

Fiddler Online is built around providing you with a great experience. What we offer is a service. Our monthly service is a hassle-free website. This price makes it possible for our staff to be available to updated the content of the website (up to 1hr/month) and to keep it running without issue. Additionally we're able to give you lower initial pricing, because of the long-term relationship it will establish. We'd love to do business on a handshake; however, since we have to put it in writing in the form of concrete terms—for both the protection and ours—here are the details on how we need to be compensated, if you decide not to stay with us as a client over the long term.

You may cancel your account at any time by simply requesting it in writing. That means you can take your domain and point it to a new website at any time, as long as your account is current. However, if you want to take the full website we built, including the theme, design, stock photos purchased by us, and all content layout, to keep or transfer to other hosting, you agree to “buyout” the website we built; by paying us according to the following fee schedule, depending on when you cancel:

Years since launch

Standard ($179/mo)

Pro ($199/mo)

eStore ($299/mo)


















(price to the right, or FREE if someone other than us performs the transfer)




Should you choose to take the website elsewhere, we will gladly transfer the website to the hosting of your choice, or give you access to transfer the website yourself, once the appropriate amount above has been paid. The $300 after the 4th year, is just our price to transfer it for you. If someone else does it, there’s no charge to you, after 4 years. All data and code of the website will be erased from our servers 90 days after the cancellation of your service.

NOTE: if you would like to reduce the above schedule to only apply for the first 2 years, then please notify us within two weeks of setting up your subscription for the new website. We’ll be happy to write an email superseding the above schedule. That will allow you to take the website elsewhere after 2 years for free (or $300 if we transfer it) assuming your account is paid in full. If you do not contact us about this within that time, then the above schedule applies in-full, no exceptions.

Our Right To Cancel

It is our desire to keep all of our clients happy and their websites running at maximum performance. However, in order to protect our own business and that of our clients, there are some exceptions which will get your account and website canceled and/or suspended.


We retain the right to suspend your account, which may include making the website unavailable, if your account is not paid-in-full for longer than 30 days, your recurring subscription has failed more than 3 times in a 6 month period, or if we deem your business or behavior to be detrimental to Fiddler Online and/or any of our other clients. Examples of the latter include, but are not limited to, badgering or mistreatment (online or offline) of Fiddler Online, its support staff, or other Fiddler Online clients. In these situations suspension will be retracted when the situation is remedied. For example when the account is paid-in-full, the subscription is setup again, and/or any inappropriate behavior is discontinued and appropriate rectification has occurred. Fiddler Online retains the right to judge each of these situations on a case-by-case basis.


We also retain the right to cancel your account without recourse on your part at any time, if we find that you or your business is participating in anything dishonest and/or illegal or that would harm Fiddler Online and/or its other clients. We also retain the right to cancel your account if your payments are more than 30 days late, on 3 or more occasions, or your account has been suspended (see above) for more than 90 consecutive days.

Discretionary Offer of Website

In these situations, though you have no right to recourse, Fiddler Online may choose to offer you the website, at a reasonable price so that you may take the website to another hosting provider without damage to your online presence. In such an instance, we will offer terms and conditions and you may accept or reject them. We will not negotiate.

* * *

The Terms and Conditions for custom software development and solutions creation

(only applies to custom development projects)

We Retain Use and Resale Rights

For all custom development, solutions creation, software/webapp building, etc, we retain the right to reuse and/or resell any software or solutions we build or create for your project. Any data input into the software is yours and will not be withheld or restricted by us as long as your account is current. However any original software we write, including programming, code, compiled or uncompiled files, etc, is ours to use as we please and we hold all applicable copyrights, except where public/open source licenses require us to make the software open source or we choose to do so.

* * *

Merchant Processing Privacy Policy

We do not collect or store any credit card information on our site. However, our merchant processors:,, and/or do store that information on their site. Please refer to their policies for details on how that information is processed and stored. We do not use that information for any purposes other than charging your card for the specific products or services you signed up for and agreed to pay via our estore or an online invoice.

* * *

This Document is Subject to Change

This document is subject to change at any time. Fiddler Online holds no responsibility whatsoever to notify customers or anyone of changes to this document. Therefore it’s your responsibility to check this document frequently. All changes are immediately binding, except pricing changes, which apply as agreed to at the time you signed up.