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Dear Neighbor,

[Production Company, LLC] will be filming for an upcoming feature film in the area on [DAY], [DATE] and [DAY], [DATE].

We appreciate the support the City of [Location] has shown your production and we understand the responsibility we have to the communities in which we film. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and will do our best to minimize the impact of our filming on the area.

In order to park the necessary vehicle for production, we have requested the following street signs to be posted: NO PARKING / TOW ZONE from [TIME a.m] to [TIME p.m.] on [DAY], [DATE]:

BOTH SIDES of [Street] from [Street] to [Street]

EAST SIDE of [Street] from [Street] to [Street]


NORTH SIDE of [Street] from [Street] to [Street]

PLEASE BE ADVISED we will have INTERMITTENT STREET CLOSURE of the following streets from [TIME a.m] to [TIME p.m.] on [DAY], [DATE]:

[Street] from [Street] to [Street]

We are working closely with the [City or State] Film Office and the [City] Police Department to ensure a safe and positive filming experience. We look forward to filming in the neighborhood and thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation,

[Production Company, LLC]

[Phone number]