Social Policy

What can the United States do to contain the recent measles outbreak?

How has the legalization of cannabis in individual states affected their economies?

 What are the health and economic impacts of the Affordable Care Act thus far?

Can the federal government effectively improve race relations in the United States?

What can be done to reduce the high per capita incarceration rates in the United States?

Will the supreme court have a ruling on gay marriage rights by the end of this year.

Will the mormon churches announcement impact progress on gay rights in the US?



Who are the most likely GOP Presidential primary candidates for 2016?

What can President Obama do to assist his party for the 2016 elections?

What will be the impact of the recent Rick Scott scandal in Florida?

 What will be the ultimate outcome of the Keystone XL pipeline?

Can both houses come to an agreement on immigration reform?

Will Congress be able to work with the President to get key legislative reforms passed over the next two years?

How will Obama's threat to veto the Keystone Pipeline affect his influence with Congress?


How can the United States achieve energy independence?

Should Congress pass a new transportation bill?

What can be done to reduce the United States’ debt-to-GDP ratio?

What changes should be made to federal fiscal policy?

What are the effects of low oil prices on the United States economy?

What impact will Obama's "Middle class economics" have on the economy.

What effect will Obama's state of the Union address have on the economy?


Foreign Policy

Should the United States act militarily in Syria to help end the civil war?

How can the United States maintain a diplomatic balance between China and Japan?

How should the United States respond to the North Korean threat?

What can the United States do to prevent further Russian expansionism?

Can the United States prevent Iraq from sliding further into civil war?

How should the United States improve its economic and diplomatic relationship with countries in South America?