To the Intrepid Five,

I hope this letter finds you well. First, to the business of the spoils of Vraath keep; simply make note the total sums and preserve any notable trophies for my perusal. As usual, I am more concerned with the novel items you may have found, rather than the monetary value they might represent. If there are any restoratives among the lot, please add them to your personal collection to aid you in your current task- regardless of their rarity.

Now to the news which you have brought me. This Red Hand army is of grave concern. Not even in the long memories of the Hammerfist dwarves have the goblins ever organized on this scale.

I would promise you aid, but I am afraid no military aid will be forthcoming from the Hammerfist Holds. We are currently in a state of civil war. Thralem of the Red Beryl attempted a coup just five days ago and the entire Hold is in disarray. Three factions have formed, each vying for martial control. The battles thus far have been bloody, but the fighting is turning to subterfuge and more subtle tactics, thank Berronar. I am currently barricaded within my home, hoping to wait out the upheaval. My household will be safe, as we have resources to outlast this siege, but I am sorry to bring you such disheartening news. The Hammerfist Holds are in no position to aid Elsir Vale.

Until the unrest has come to an end, I will endeavour to spread word of the Red Hand, both among those I count as friends here and among the closest Human settlements. I will send trusted servants first to Duath and Prosser, and then on to Brindol. You should send word via the parallel route of the Dawn Way, and hopefully one of our couriers will reach Brindol.

I will also search through my personal collection for items which may be of use to you. If I find anything particularly helpful, I will endeavour to send it to you post-haste.

Stay safe my friends, and may Dugmaren Brightmantle guide you to swiftness,

Undin Aradroun