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Thai Yoga Body Therapy

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Thai Yoga Body Therapy

Therapeutic Thai Yoga, known traditionally in Thailand as nuat phaen boran, artfully blends meditation and therapeutic yoga to invigorate energy flow in the body, restoring the spirit and activating every body’s deep capacity for self-healing.  

The practice is offered as a guided meditation, a sacred dance, a peaceful prayer of metta, loving kindness, offering undivided attention in support wellness, health and deepest healing.  

Within each session the client is guided gently through various positions, incorporating harmonic rhythmic movements with gentle assisted stretches to release energetic blocks in the body, offering a seamless sacred dance, a meditative mindset, and a energy body deep with activation of the parasympathic nervous response for deepest self-healing.

Thai Yoga is practiced on a traditional mat on the floor without use of oil and with the client remaining fully clothed throughout the session.



Supports heavy athletic training of many disciplines, improving strength, flexibility and endurance.  Shortens recovery times.


Lubricates joints, reduces friction, and enhances the pain-free range of motion.


Softens tight muscles and opens stiff blood vessels, helping to promote improved blood flow.


Stimulates the central and peripheral nervous systems, relieving pain and activating the relaxation response.


Relieves chronic headaches and muscle tensions, especially typical from extended exposure to compromised posture and chronic stress.


Relieves pain and pressure on pinched nerves from stiff back muscles and compromised vertebrae.


Alleviates chronic sciatica pain experienced in hips, legs and back common from prolonged sitting and exposure to stress.


Stimulates bone growth to maintain healthy bone density and prevent osteoporosis.


Deep rest and relaxation contributes to overall healthy psychological well being, by relieving conditions commonly suffered by those living hypervigilant “always on” lifestyles.1,2

While Thai Yoga Body Therapy supports health in a very broad range of body shapes and conditions, there are serious health conditions for which the benefits of any yoga practice are limited and difficult to gauge.  These include metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes), heart disease, circulatory conditions with elevated risk of heart attack or stroke, diseases of internal organs, acute injuries, open wounds, and other degenerative conditions.  

Clients with any serious medical condition should consult with their qualified medical professional as before engaging in any style of yoga practice.

About Adam


There are a great many styles of yoga, meditation and movement.  

Adam’s practice is strongly informed by a lifelong study of movement, yoga, dance, acrobatics, nutrition, and various approaches to therapy.  Rather than following any specific doctrine, Adam offers careful listening attention to a client’s body’s needs and limitations, helping him to adapt and guide style and rhythm of movement patterns to best serve specific client’s needs.  

Beloved Teachers

These practices are living breathing movement arts, handed down orally from teacher to student over the centuries.  With immense gratitude for:

Kaline Alayna Kelly
Sunshine Network

Lahu Village, Thailand

Omega Institute

Rhinebeck New York

Arjun Pitchest Bonthumme 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Arno L’Hermitte


Thai Massage Circus

Luang Prabang, Laos

Felicity Joy

Felicity Joy Thai

London, Chiang Mai and beyond

Gwyn Williams

Zen Thai Shiatsu

Queensland Australia

Itzhak Helman

Sunshine Network

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jack Chaiya

Jack Chaiya Thai Massage School

Jack Chaiya Massage

son of Mama Lek

Nerve Touch Massage

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Zoltan Gyorgyovics


Sunshine Network

Budapest / Thailand

Thai Massage Circus

Anastasis Koutsogiannis

Zorba the Greek

Thai Massage Circus

Jasmine Lieb

Yoga Works Teacher Trainer

Yoga Therapeutics Master 

Jeanne Heilman

YogaWorks Teacher Trainer

Tantra Flow Yoga

ParaYoga Teacher

Eddie Ellner

The O.G.  (Original Guru)

Yoga Soup

Santa Barbara, CA

Photo Credit::  AcroYoga Montreal

The Sangha

So many more... - Thanks to so many talented teachers & friends



“I had a magical experience receiving a two-hour session from Adam.  Adam made me feel comfortable right away.  I highly recommend scheduling a session, he is very intuitive and skillful.”  

--Shira Yaziv  Owner, Athletic Playground, Emeryville, CA

“Getting a session from Adam was a great experience.  It really physically revitalized me after I had been doing a lot of physically intense movement, more than the simpler relaxation I would get from a classic western massage.  Adam also helped me figure out the causes of several small physical problems that had been bothering me for years, which I had never been able to identify or treat before.  What I learned has allowed me to use stretches and massage techniques to help improve my flexibility and range of motion in areas which I had had trouble working on before.”

-- Jeremy Gleick   Neuroscientist,  Boston MA

Adam has a gift for both listening and genuinely communicating his desire to help create ease in the body.  I appreciated his tempo and sequence; he smoothly transitioned from one wonderful stretch to the next. If he found an intense area of pain in my body, he was patient and gave my body the time and pressure it needed to release. It is obvious he is passionate about what he does and I look forward to seeing his practice expand!”

--Samantha Sunshine  Sunshine Massage Studio, Vail, CO

“I was new to Thai Yoga and did not quite know what to expect. Adam's quiet energy and strength made me feel supported and at ease within the first few minutes. He is skillful and intuitive, knowing how to move the body into various poses and stretches that are  deep yet gentle. When I realized that he was supporting me and I didn't have to hold myself up, I experienced a profound relaxation not just in my body but in my mind and spirit as well. One of the best massage experiences I've ever had.”

--Suzanne Goodman,  Los ALtos, CA

“Adam is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer. He has a calming presence and awareness that translates into his bodywork and the atmosphere that he creates.
He is attentive to the body, and listens to what it is asking for in each moment. This quality of presence and listening is one of the most important attribute to find in a bodyworker. Adam has that gift, as well as extensive experience with notable teachers in Thailand and around the world.
I would recommend Adam in a heartbeat and am looking forward to my next session with him."
Link Zampino, Thai Massage Therapist

  San Francisco, CA

“I had wonderful experience receiving from Adam!  The session was very deep yet very gentle, this quality is hard to find.  I felt fully taken care for the full two hours and never felt left alone - his full attention was with me totally.  What can we ask more than that?  Thank you Adam for a beautiful experience.”

  • Itzhak Helman, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Adam’s work is excellent. As someone who receives bodywork regularly, I was impressed with his skill and knowledgeable touch. Thank you for a thorough and therapeutic session.”

  • Sooz Sykes, Rising Nomad

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  1.  Sripongngam, Thanarat et al. “Immediate Effects of Traditional Thai Massage on Psychological Stress as Indicated by Salivary Alpha-Amylase Levels in Healthy Persons.” Medical Science Monitor Basic Research 21 (2015): 216–221. PMC. Web. 14 Apr. 2017.

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