This Calls for Some Monkey Lovin'

by Chad Carpenter

This feeling fast snuck up on me

This is not how it ought to be

Or perhaps this is what it feels like

When everything feels just right

I've never been so excited before

Or experienced a true metaphor

My body is a flailing morass

A cathedral currently accepting mass

Feeling euphoric and swimmingly high

I think I've just launched into a dive

Of deep-ended proportions

And sweaty contortions

I want to run, I want to sing

I want to do everything

Body parts twitch and tongues unfurl

Eyes tilt back as every toe curls

This isn't a drug coursing through veins

Or mental insanity taking the reins

This isn't a rage taking ahold

This isn't just me feeling quite bold

This is evolution, Darwin style

This is the climax of The Wild

This is the purpose of having a wife

This is the only meaning of life

This is hormones pushin' and shovin'

This is what calls for some monkey lovin'